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Wavestore predicts high demand for facial recognition software in 2013


The facial recognition software market appears to be poised for huge growth next year.

In an article that appeared in SourceSecurity.com, Chris Williams, director of digital recording company Wavestore, said that in the next twelve months, the demand for facial recognition software will increase, especially with companies needing high security protection coupled with fast detection capability.

Facial recognition is making waves this year, especially regarding events needing high levels of security, such as the 2012 London Olympics, which showcased the use of facial recognition software and earned trust of companies and individuals around the world.

Wavestore has integrated its video management software (VMS) with the FaceFirst biometric facial recognition solution.

FaceFirst facial recognition software has been used for border security, and by casinos, retailers, military and police because of its ability to identify suspects, criminals, terrorists, illegal immigrants and shoplifters within seconds, issuing alerts early for required actions.

FaceFirst makes use of national, regional and federal databases. When a character in question or persons acting strangely are detected, it searches for a match in the databases. Once positive identification is made, it sends out alerts with image of the person, video and other personal information through emails.

It is capable of handling large scale data because FaceFirst has developed its own data processing algorithms which, according to Joseph Rosenkrantz, president and CEO of FaceFirst Biometrics, “are able to operate on an infinite scale and distill this deluge of evidence down to humanly comprehensible actionable information.”

He added, “This boils down to millions of comparison requests per second generated by a multitude of sensors, and a system designed to analyze evidence from multiple sources concurrently in order to produce highly accurate identifications of individuals whose faces are on a watch list.”

It should be noted that FaceFirst has inked what is believed to be the world’s largest live face recognition surveillance system in Panama’s Tocumen International Airport with 155 IP cameras running at 30 frames per second, processing at a speed of a million facial comparisons per second.

With the partnership between FaceFirst and Wavestore’s video management system, Chris Williams said, “the combined solution provides clients with a video surveillance and recording system that can give peace of mind, and can reduce operating costs by making best use of security personnel.”

Williams noted that this is the kind of partnership which will drive facial recognition software to be part of an increasing number of security projects.

Do you agree that facial recognition will be the “it” thing when it comes to security in 2013?

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