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U.S. and European universities holding biometric competition

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The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Cagliari and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clarkson University has announced that they are conducting a third edition of the Liveness Detection Competition.

LivDet2013 is open to academic and industrial organizations. The competition will feature both fingerprint and iris biometrics and will examine both algorithms and systems for each modality. The competition’s organizers are requesting that participants submit either fingerprint or iris datasets appropriate for testing liveness detection software.

Submitted datasets need to meet the following requirements: a minimum of 2,000 live images from at least 50 different subjects; a minimum of 20,00 spoof images from at least 50 different subjects with a minimum of three different spoof types; and a description of the methods used for creating the spoof and a description of the scanner/camera used to collect the images.

Images should be collected on a single model of a device. For the iris image collection, submitters will need to provide additional details related to the iris images including information such as bit depth, image format, grayscale or color, lens focal length, shutter speed, aperture, illumination wavelength and transmission plots of IR pass filters. A minimum 500 dpi resolution for fingerprint images is required, and a minimum of 200 pixels across the iris for iris images is compulsory.

For more information about how your organization can participate in the competition, please contact Dr. Stephanie Schuckers at Clarkson University.

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