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Biometrics Institute Vulnerability Assessment Workshop


Free registration upon request towards a Common Methodology and Better Awareness about how to Reduce Vulnerabilities in Biometrics

The Biometrics Institute established the Biometrics Institute Vulnerability Assessment Expert Group (BVAEG) in 2010. Through its work on a biometric vulnerability assessment methodology it recognised that there were several other organisations dealing with the same problem:

* How can we discuss vulnerabilities in biometrics and how can we exchange and share our experiences when this topic is too sensitive to be talked about?

* How can vulnerabilities be reduced and how can organisations be convinced about the importance of addressing them?

While it is important to search for solutions at a local level, the international engagement of this Group has confirmed the importance of vulnerability assessments and the need for a common methodology. After two years of closed group meetings, the Group has now confirmed the 29 April 2013 for a one day workshop in London to engage with industry and users/ operators seeking their input and views.

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