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Opus Research details Voice Biometrics Conference


The Voice Biometrics Conference is set to take place next week in London, and organizer Opus Research has released more information about the upcoming event.

This year’s theme is “preventing fraud and promoting trust,” and the event will take place November 6-7, 2013 at Grosvenor House in London.

“Voice-based authentication has made dramatic headway in contact centers, IVRs and mobile devices,” Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research and chairman of Voice Biometrics Conference London said. “Now we’re defining a future where voiceprints are combined with alternative authentication mechanisms, including other biometrics — like facial recognition and fingerprints — to simplify and streamline logins, service access and even transaction authorization.”

The conference keynote will be delivered by Michal Liday, Head of Retail at Slovakia’s Tatra Bank, which recently implemented a voice-based authentication system for its mobile banking applications.

According to Opus, other highlights include primary research about customer acceptance of voice-based authentication from call center specialist Sabio, as well as a discussion of identification and authentication from David Birch.

Levent Arslan, CEO of Sestek will present a multi-factor authentication system, which includes voice verification and speech recognition, also used in call centers. Brett Beranek from Nuance will also discuss multi-factor authentication and present successful case examples using the system.

Reported previously, Opus’s previous Voice Biometrics Conference, which took place in May in San Francisco, featured a keynote from FIDO Alliance president and Paypal CISO Michael Barrett, as well as a keynote from Matt Smallman from Barclay’s.

BiometricUpdate.com recently took a look an extended look at voice biometrics as a modality, including some early examples, as well as an exploration of potential developments and innovations. Read the full feature here.

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