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New startup measures biometrics, crowd analytics at concerts


Renowned entrepreneur and music producer Rana June has launched a new startup called Lightwave which aims to measure biometric data at concerts and other live events.

Lightwave aims to record “movement, sound, and excitement” using wearable technology. The firm will collect crowd data using a proprietary bracelet, algorithm and network and interpret it for artists in real-time. The company describes Lightwave as “a new palette” for artists, creatives, and brands to customize live experiences for their audience.

In a TechCrunch report earlier this year, June stated: “When you’re a performer, you have no idea if the guy in the back of the room is having fun or not.” The wearable device will redress this problem by collecting and visualizing crowd analytics in real-time, allowing artists to customize their concert experiences based on immediate audience feedback.

The startup plans to monetize its crowd visualization concept by allowing artists and other firms to provide bracelets at live events in order to augment the concert-goer experience. Lightwave already tested out the concept at this year’s SXSW by partnering with Pepsi to provide a “bioreactive” concert:

Lightwave’s wearable wristband measures a number of different user interactions: including movement, audio levels, and temperature. The concept was developed based on her experiences as a noted DJ performer. In 2010, Gizmodo dubbed her the “iPad DJ”, because she was one of the first touring DJ’s to use the tablet device. She also went on to co-found Medialets, a social ad and analytics firm.

The new startup situates Lightwave in the growing mobile and wearable biometrics industry segment. In a recent report, Goode Intelligence estimates that by 2019 there will be 5.5 billion users of mobile and wearable biometric technology around the globe.

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