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Voice biometrics app from AGNITiO is a finalist in Silicon Valley Business App Awards


The KIVOX Mobile Voice iD solution, which identifies and authenticates mobile users by their unique voiceprint is a finalist in the ​”​Best Mobile Utility App​”​category of the Silicon Valley Business App Awards, whose winners will be revealed later today.

Developed by voice biometrics provider AGNITiO, the KIVOX Mobile Voice iD platform allows consumers to simply speak into their devices as a way to identify themselves. This can be used to log onto a system, securely access apps and documents, make secure payments and authenticate themselves to call centers.

The Silicon Valley Business App Award winners will be chosen by a panel of prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators at the Del Monte Building in Sunnyvale, CA.

At the ​awards​ event​,​which starts today at 3pm PDT, AGNITiO marketing VP Mike Goldgof will be part of a panel discussion on the future of human to computer interaction. This is a pertinent topic given that camera phones, voice commands, and other technologies are paving the way for new and more intuitive ways to communicate beyond the typical keyboard and mouse interface.

From an authentication standpoint, the iPhone 5S and its fingerprint-based user authentication was a tipping point of sorts that showed how fingerprint biometrics could be easier and safer than typing a password. Offering many of the some benefits, voice biometrics is waiting for its tipping point to come.

Goldgof said in a statement, “Voice Biometrics is a strong and reliable way to identify a device user for both digital transactions and over the phone with a call center. Due to the pervasiveness of mobile technology and the increased risk for identity fraud, we expect Voice iD to be integrated into a variety of devices and apps in the very near future.”

According to AGNITiO, it takes less than a minute of speaking to create a biometric voiceprint for text-independent voice recognition based on the sound and characteristics of the individual’s speech regardless of what they’re saying. It takes even less time if the individual is told to repeat a passphrase multiple times.

It can also be used to passively listen for signs of an unauthorized user, and can be used effectively in conjunction with other authentication measures for multi-factor authentication.

​​In January, AGNITiO’s Voice iD product gained “honoree” recognition from Envisioneering in its “Innovation & Design Awards,” designed to showcase the most remarkable products launched at the CES ShowStoppers showcase.

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