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FotoNation acquires UK iris recognition firm Smart Sensors Limited


Computational imaging solutions firm FotoNation Limited announced it acquired iris recognition biometric technology firm Smart Sensors Limited, which closed in the fourth quarter of 2014.

For the past decade, Smart Sensors has been developing various solutions for iris feature extraction, biometric key creation and fast-matching functionality.

Smart Sensors’ iris authentication technology is then integrated and operated on many product and processor platforms, which effectively increases device security and eliminates the need for passwords.

The technology also authenticates and verifies user’s identities for e-commerce purposes, as well as provides secure access control to physical locations and enterprise networks.

“Smart Sensors’ team of PhD engineers has been focused on developing and improving iris-based biometric systems for over a decade,” said Petronel Bigioi, SVP of engineering and GM of FotoNation. “Integrating their capabilities with FotoNation’s class-leading face detection, tracking and recognition capacities will enable our customers to deliver unique solutions tailored for mobile devices and other high volume products, with exciting opportunities in the growing field of biometric authentication and identification.”

FotoNation develops technologies that serve the computational imaging space for handsets and cameras, as well as the automotive, surveillance, security, and augmented reality markets.

“FotoNation’s complementary expertise and technology portfolio, along with its strong relationships in the smartphone and camera markets, will help us accelerate the adoption of SSL’s technology in high-volume applications,” said Martin George, GM of Smart Sensors Limited.

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