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Verie develops facial recognition app that transforms smartphone into ID card


Biometric solutions start-up Verie has developed a facial recognition app that transforms an individual’s smartphone into an ID card, according to a report by Built In Chicago.

Verie enables users to verify their identity by taking a five-second video of their face. They must then scan the front and back of their driver’s license or any other government-issued ID, which Verie then matches the filmed face and the photo on the ID.

“We quickly realized that the idea of a virtual ID that is carried along with the user, and that can identify the user in time and place on demand, would have a huge impact on all manner of online interactions,” said Verie CMO and co-founder Anatoly Nirshberg.

Once the individual has completed the authorization process the first time, the data is stored in the cloud. After that point, whenever a third-party party requests that individuals verify their ID through Verie, they can use the app to take a selfie for verification.

The engine verifies that the person is who he or she claims to be, then sends the verification and his or her location back to the requester.

Various companies from different industry sectors will be able to use Verie for verification purposes, including banks, credit card companies and/or processors, online gambling companies, dating websites, schools, and government organizations.

Although the app is strictly designed for mobile use, Nirshberg said it can also be applied to organizations and activities hosted independent of the Internet.

In terms of privacy concerns, Nirshberg said that Verie will have government-grade security measures in place.

”Our security measures are largely proprietary, but I can elaborate on two things: First, we are basically holding ourselves to the same standard as a Notary Public, so our ID verification process is quite stringent,” said Nirshberg. “Second, our co-founder, Hemu, is an Internet security adviser to governments and businesses throughout the world, and will be maintaining the most advanced security processes available.”

Based on a freemium model with fee-based user services in the future, Verie plans to launch the app in both the App Store and Android Market in April, said Nirshberg.

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