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Mobizent integrates Integrated Biometrics’ fingerprint scanner into mobile field products


Mobile solutions firm Mobizent has integrated the Columbo FAP 30 fingerprint scanner from Integrated Biometrics into the MobiCHK’s line of mobile field solutions for use with Intermec CN70e handheld devices.

As a result, Mobizent will now integrate the fingerprint scanner in its MobiCHK line of products used for capturing prints and getting results in the field with end-to-end encryption.

Mobizent helps businesses and governments interface with their back-end databases and proprietary enterprise solutions to make them more effective and efficient.

Columbo is an FBI PIV FAP 30 certified single-fingerprint scanner with a full featured SDK to enable effective integration into applications that require certified quality images.

“We’re thrilled to see our product contribute as an essential element of a mobile solution with such widespread business and government use in housing, environmental, and law enforcement,” said Integrated Biometrics CEO Steve Thies.

The scanner requires minimal maintenance while providing accurate high-resolution fingerprint scans in nearly any environment, including indirect or direct sunlight.

This flexibility can be attributed to Integrated Biometrics’ patented light emitting sensor (LES) film, which meets the most strict image performance FBI requirements in a “thin” form factor less than 1 mm thick.

When a finger is placed on the LES film, the live skin of the ridges of the fingerprint completes the low level electric circuit which causes the particles in the film to luminesce narrow wavelength light, generating a highly accurate, high resolution analog image of the fingerprint.

“The Intermec device is an industry workhorse and the adaption of Columbo to our MobiCHK system provides high performance and cost-effective functionality for end users,” said Mobizent president and CEO Ramesh Swamy, “The Integrated Biometrics LES fingerprint sensor technology provides not only improved resolutions, but improved ruggedness and improved image capture for all of our customers.”

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