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KPMG prefers biometrics over passwords for cybersecurity


In its annual report of predictions for the cybersecurity industry, KPMG has called for passwords to be scrapped.

David Ferbrache, technical director at KPMG’s cybersecurity practice, said, “Passwords are broken! They have become one of the weakest links in our security chain. People are being forced to adopt more and more convoluted passwords, while simultaneously trying to avoid the temptation to reuse those super-strong passwords.”

He continued, “It is high time we moved to a more sophisticated approach of authenticating people which blends biometrics, behavioural analysis and contextual information rather than relying on knowledge of a single, increasingly user-unfriendly password.”

Ferbrache said he would “dearly love” to see his prediction that passwords will be abandoned in favour of “a more sophisticated approach” to authentication come true in 2016 but ackowledged that any password apocalypse is unlikely to occur in 2016 but held out hope that it may come “in a few years”.

He also predicted that 2016 will be the year in which terrorists begin to deploy cyberattacks, and extortion attacks make a comeback.

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