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UAE airports implementing Morpho’s iris at a distance technology


Morpho (Safran) has recently implemented several new touchless biometric technologies, such as on-the-move, non-intrusive systems, which have helped open up new opportunities in the field of border control.

Biometric technologies are slowly being implemented in airports around the world, including those in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

However, the adoption process takes a considerable amount of time as contact methods of fingerprinting continue to have their share of concerns regarding hygiene and cultural customs against contact in some regions of the world..

The emergence of touchless technologies are beneficial in that they can significantly improve the user experience and ensure that border authorities can capture travellers’ biometrics both quickly and comfortably.

Morpho provides the example of Iris At a Distance (IAD) technology. By combining both iris and face capture, this technology can acquire iris images at a distance of one meter in a second.

Additionally, Morpho (Safran) points to its own biometric access solution, MorphoWave, which captures and matches four fingerprints with a single hand movement.

The contactless technology collects highly accurate fingerprint data, even when the person’s fingers are wet or extremely dry.

The UAE recently launched a comprehensive multi-biometrics border management system called “e-Border,” which expands on a successful pilot conducted by Morpho in the Abu Dhabi international airport in 2012.

The UAE multi-biometric system is the first project to integrate new, on-the-fly technology for both iris and fingerprint.

The system mainly uses iris recognition to identify their citizens, which is practical considering many women in the region have their faces covered.

In addition, the system also uses an Automated Fingerprints Identification System (AFIS) and facial recognition, making it one of the world’s most accurate.

The multimodal biometrics system is implemented in five major airports throughout the UAE to effectively manage the arrival and departure of all travelers.

The UAE will eventually integrate 96 e-Gates and 94 e-Counters using at-a-distance technology, including fingerprint capture with MorphoWave, and iris acquisition with IAD.

Last month, Changi Airport in Singapore selected a biometric control system by Morpho (Safran) that includes self-bag drop, integrated border clearance and self-boarding gates to increase the airport’s operating efficiency and improve the passenger travel experience.

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