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Tascent launches dual iris and face recognition systems

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Tascent launches dual iris and face recognition systems

Tascent introduced its InSight One high-throughput dual iris and face recognition system on Thursday. The InSight One’s performance, compact size, and human-centric design and usability overcomes traditional barriers to biometric use and enables a wide range of next-generation applications, according to the company.

Intended for use in consumer travel, border control, access management, financial services, and identity management, the InSight One builds on the capabilities of the InSight Duo, which is used at airports including Dubai GDRFA and London Gatwick. With the InSight One image capture time is reduced to about 2 seconds, at a distance of between half a meter and one meter (20 to 40 inches). Like the Duo, the One accommodates different heights, including wheelchairs, and also encrypts data at rest and in transit.

When asked by email about the travel and border management market, Tascent VP of Marketing and Product Management Joey Pritikin told BiometricUpdate.com that travelers are a challenging end-user group. They may be tired, under stress, may face language barriers and be unfamiliar with the technology. Tascent is committed to driving down airport wait times and making travel both more enjoyable and secure, Pritikin wrote.

When asked about the utility of capturing two separate images, Pritikin said:

“Because face images are taken in visible wavelengths and iris images are captured in near-IR, the iris and faces images are indeed distinct from each other. However, importantly, the images are captured in a single, seamless process which is intuitive for users, and doesn’t force them to do anything unique for one modality vs. the other. With these high-quality images, we and our partners can perform either iris or face recognition, depending on the use case. In many cases, it is only necessary to perform iris recognition because of the very high level of accuracy and repeatability. In other cases, where a system may be relying on a large deployed base of face-based identity credentials (such as e-Passports), face recognition can be used for 1:1 verification and iris can be used for 1:n identification or binding to the credential for increased accuracy in future interactions.”

The company says the InSight One’s intuitive interface makes capture easy for even first time users, and the images meet or exceed ISO/ICAO standards. The LCD and LED user interface is integrated into a visually pleasing aluminum enclosure, the company says. The interface is customizable, while Tascent offers color and mounting options to suit the deployment environment. It is self-contained, and connects with networked, PC-based or embedded solutions by Ethernet or USB.

“We have seen new and unprecedented demands for biometric authentication driven by the strong growth in international travel, the need to deliver robust services in healthcare, finance, and government, and the melding of our digital and physical worlds,” says Dean Senner, CEO of Tascent. “With InSight One, Tascent addresses these demands with a solution that is natural and trustworthy. The implications for delivering seamless, hassle-free security, efficiency, and personalization are profound.”

The InSight One is available now, and Tascent has already received production orders. Public-facing InSight One systems will be deployed in early 2017.

Tascent was founded in 2014, and launched a mobile biometrics platform for the iPhone in July.

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