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Pinn secure attribution platform to integrate Ever’s facial recognition


Ever and Pinn have partnered to integrate Ever’s facial recognition into Pinn’s secure attribution platform, which will improve Pinn’s continuous attribution capabilities across devices and networks.

Pinn’s attribution platform leverages the recognition and analysis of an activity that users do frequently – including how they hold their smartphone, how they move their mouse, and how they drive their car – as a new authentication layer.

The company then collects the data from a wide range of locations to generate a singular and seamless form of identification.

“The greatest systemic risk to business conducted over the internet is the username and password scheme,” said Will Summerlin, CEO of Pinn. “It provides no real assurance in identity of a human. Combining Pinn’s attribution platform and Ever’s facial recognition technology, we’re able to provide an unprecedented level of assurance in the identity of a human user. This advancement will drive security forward across critical infrastructure, government and enterprise.”

Ever’s facial recognition models are trained on billions of photos the company retains for its consumer-oriented service.

The models will be available via a hosted API or self-hosted API, as well as via client-side SDK in a sub-20MB package.

As a result, developers from around the world will be able to easily and cost-effectively integrate facial recognition into their applications with a high level of performance, accuracy and security.

The artificial intelligence-powered Pinn and Ever use machine learning to recognize patterns from structured and unstructured data.

Ever hosts billions of photos captured in a variety of angles and lighting situations, allowing the company to train machine learning models to be some of the most accurate in the world.

This high level of accuracy will significantly improve Pinn’s ability to efficiently attribute identity across any sensor platform.

“The anonymity of users in secure environments is a problem that’s not going away,” said Doug Aley, chief revenue officer at Ever. “It’s time to find better, more accurate means of attributing identity. Pinn has led the charge in attribution and by combining their capabilities with our facial recognition technology, we’re able to provide an incredibly high level of assurance in the human identity of a user.”

Ever’s facial recognition expands Pinn’s ability to attribute human identity in real time for advertisers across a variety of environments, which improves the visibility and increases the value of each impression, Summerline said

Last month, Syniverse and Pinn partnered to combine Syniverse’s global platform with Pinn’s attribution solution to deliver a stronger level of transaction security and continuous attribution.

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