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New safe work temperature screening solutions launched by Trueface, ZKTeco, LLVision and eConnect

New safe work temperature screening solutions launched by Trueface, ZKTeco, LLVision and eConnect

Trueface has partnered with iryx to develop technology for contactless, passive real-time biometric facial recognition and elevated body temperature detection to help businesses return to operation.

The solution’s face recognition works with masked subjects, and combines thermal imaging with Trueface’s computer vision technology to provide more accurate temperature readings than standard region of interest (ROI) testing, according to the announcement.

Use cases suggested by the companies include access control, time and attendance, and ingress management, as well as automated monitoring and compliance assurance applications. In addition to fairly standard workplace deployments, a fact sheet from Trueface also notes a need for technologies that can detect elevated temperatures quickly, accurately, and without friction in the cruise, spectator sports, and restaurant industries.

The software can provide the minimum, maximum, or mean temperate of the tear duct region, and supports blackbody calibration, according to the announcement, though Trueface also notes that an FDA-approved thermometer must be used to confirm any fevers detected.

Trueface Face Recognition + Elevated Body Temperature Detection
(Trueface face recognition and elevated body temperature detection)

Trueface’s C++ SDK also enables individuals to be found within crowds, to enable follow-up actions.

Iryx provides sensor fusion technology to support AI at the network edge.

New entries to temperature scanning devices market

A new high-precision infrared thermometer for screening large groups of people has been released by ZKteco with support for access control systems and external alarms.

The standalone plug and play TD100 system measures temperature within 0.3 degrees Celsius in less than a second. The announcement does not mention facial recognition.

ZKTeco recommends the system, which it says lightweight and easy to install, for indoor use, such as retail locations, museums, hospitals, schools, recreational areas, theatres, and public transport systems.

LLVision has launched AI-powered dual-spectrum AR thermometer glasses to help enterprises return to work.

Dual Spectrum Infrared Thermometric AI Smart Glasses.
(LLVision Dual Spectrum Infrared Thermometric AI Smart Glasses)

The GLXSS SE-IR smart glasses provide fast and accurate temperature checks within 0.3 degrees Celsius, according to the company. The wearable can measure the temperature of multiple moving targets at a distance of up to three meters, and detect faces up to eight meters away. 1T Flops of computing power and an edge processing chip enables continuous real-time detection of up to 200 people per minute, the company says, and associated temperature and identity information are recorded and reported to Llvision’s management platform.

The Beijing-based company says its smart glasses have been implemented at more than 30 sites and 50 airports to serve custom checkpoints, schools, and industrial parks across China. The company also serves customers in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe, and other countries in Asia. Police in China were reported to be using smart glasses from the company in early-2018.

LLVision has also launched a new version of its ARISE Industrial Remote Collaboration Platform, which it describes as an all-in-one solution for reducing operational costs and improving management efficiency for businesses and industrial parks.

North Star Mohican Casino Resort has selected eConnect’s eClear thermal imaging device for fast and easy self-service, contactless fever checks as it strives to become “the Safest Casino in the Midwest,” according to an announcement.

The solution provides facial recognition for contactless access control authentication, temperature readings with thermal imaging, and mask detection. It also provides a real-time aggregate count of visitors entering and exiting, and recognizes and provides alerts for valuable customers or banned visitors, even if they are wearing a mask. The eClear system can also be used as a time and attendance tool.

eConnect has a long-established relationship with the casino as a technology provider, and a representative of the facility says the new thermal screening system has been well-received by employees and customers.

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