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FaceTec campaign encourages use of liveness detection in all biometric authentication scenarios

FaceTec campaign encourages use of liveness detection in all biometric authentication scenarios

FaceTec is providing existing clients and partners with 2D liveness detection free of charge to prevent spoofing attacks and encourage the use of liveness detection in all biometric authentication use cases, the company announced.

FaceTec says its 3D Liveness Detection and 3D Face Matching AI biometric authentication software has processed tens-of-millions of 3D liveness checks on a monthly basis. At customs checkpoints in airports or self-checkout systems in retail, 2D liveness checks seem to gain more interest, though, despite being less secure.

“2D Liveness and Matching will never be as good as 3D because there’s not nearly as much data in a 2D photo as in a 3D FaceMap, but 2D Liveness Detection can still have a place in some security plans,” said Kevin Alan Tussy, FaceTec CEO, in the announcement. “By offering free 2D Liveness, we will provide security to those who aren’t using any Liveness at all, and educate about the fully remote authentication scenarios that do require our more advanced 3D Liveness technology.”

The 2D Single-Frame Spoof Check can process facial images starting at 150px and works without the device SDK to capture the photo.

“This basic, yet effective anti-spoofing security layer is best utilized with a single photo captured in a semi-supervised environment where the user is unlikely to replay a deepfake video or bypass the camera using video injection software,” said Josh Rose, FaceTec CTO, in a prepared statement. “Any scenario where those attacks can happen still require 3D Liveness Detection.”

In PAD testing, the 2D Liveness Detection registered over 97 percent efficiency against Level 1-3 Spoof Artifacts, as defined in iBeta/NIST’s PAD testing artifact documentation.

Organizations interested in using FaceTec’s Free 2D Liveness Detection can contact the company’s distribution partners for collaboration.

FaceTec has expanded its biometric spoof bounty program with two new levels and increased funding to further advance the company’s presentation attack detection (PAD) technology for greater security.

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