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FaceTec, Inc.

FaceTec, Inc.

Website: facetec.com

FaceTec’s patented, industry-leading 3D Face Authentication software anchors digital identity, creating a chain of trust from user onboarding to ongoing authentication on all modern smart devices and webcams. FaceTec’s 3D FaceMaps™ make trusted, remote identity verification finally possible. As the only technology backed by a persistent spoof bounty program and NIST/iBeta Certified Liveness Detection, FaceTec is the global standard for Liveness and 3D Face Matching with millions of users on six continents in financial services, border security, transportation, blockchain, e-voting, social networks, online dating and more. FaceTec was founded in 2013 with offices in San Diego, CA and Summerlin, NV.

FaceTec pioneered commercially viable Liveness Detection and is the only face authenticator to attain Level 1 & Level 2 Certifications in NIST/NVLAP-certified Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) tests, and is the world’s only biometric security company with an ongoing Spoof Bounty program. FaceTec also provides an easy to use IDV Dashboard to manage the biometric authentication process, including 3D Face Matching-to-a-2D-photo-ID, document anti-tampering checks, user age estimation, duplicate checks and fraud lists, all working together to prevent identity theft and unauthorized access.

FaceTec’s 3D Face Authentication Platform features:

  • 100% software, for all modern smartphones, tablets, and PCs with webcams
  • World-leading 3D Face Matching rate of 1-in-12.8 million FAR @ < 1% FRR
  • Patented UI generates data-rich 3D FaceMaps™ from standard 2D cameras
  • $100,000 Spoof Bounty Program & Levels 1&2 Certified Liveness Detection
  • Unshareable, unphishable 3D FaceMaps ensure trust without creating a honeypot
  • IDV dashboard with integrated 1-to-N de-duplication & fraudulent user lists
  • Highly accurate 1-in-500,000 FAR 3D FaceMap-to-2D-photo-ID matching
  • Integrated anonymous age estimation and age checks
  • Fast, intuitive interface with 98-99% first-time-user success rates
  • Easy to integrate, customize, deploy and manage

Developers can download the FaceTec demo app directly from FaceEec.com for iOS, Android and any webcam-enabled browser, and the developer SDKs are available free at dev.facetec.com.

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FaceTec, Inc. Biometrics News


Humanode testnet probes structural limits of cryptobiometric blockchain system

Humanode has launched its first testnet, dubbed ‘Sachiel,’ to find the structural limitations of its blockchain system with ‘cryptobiometric’ identity-based consensus….

Sep 22, 2021

FaceTec upgrades face biometrics SDKs with OCR, document scanning features

A major new update of FaceTec’s data-sovereign biometric security platform has been unveiled, with optical character recognition (OCR) for photo…

Sep 2, 2021

Digital Dubai signs with gDi and FaceTec for biometrics to create ‘world’s happiest city’

Dubai hopes to become the “world’s smartest and happiest city” via personalization that will achieve enhanced experiences across “all city…

Aug 30, 2021

Add a biometric basket for your authentication eggs, says vendor

Identity management is failing because it focuses on effectively authenticating devices without biometrically authenticating the person operating an accepted device,…

Aug 26, 2021

The PKI and device authentication fallacy

By Jay Meier, SVP North American Operations at FaceTec According to Verizon’s annual 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, weak user…

Aug 10, 2021

Humanode selects FaceTec biometrics and liveness to secure decentralized platform

Humanode has reached a deal to integrate FaceTec’s face biometrics and liveness detection into its ‘crypto-biometrics’ platform, and also announced a…

Aug 5, 2021

FaceTec sees near 300% Q2 revenue growth amid biometric security boom

3D face verification specialist FaceTec continues to grow at unprecedented rates, achieving 293 percent year-on-year growth in Q2 2021, conducting more…

Jul 28, 2021

Financial services customers pick biometrics from FaceTec, TruNarrative, Sumsub, SecureKey

FaceTec, TruNarrative, Sumsub and SecureKey have each won customers among financial services companies or their technology providers to implement biometric…

Jul 5, 2021

FaceTec prevails in ‘Zoom’ trademark case

The EU General Court has ruled that FaceTec’s ‘Zoom’ trademark for face biometric liveness detection software does not infringe upon…

May 27, 2021

FaceTec and Scytales combine mobile ID checks, biometrics and liveness

Scytáles and FaceTec have entered a partnership to collaborate on mobile biometric digital ID verification via facial authentication. Under the…

May 25, 2021

Onfido partners with FaceTec to extend biometrics further into identity lifecycle

Onfido is launching a new platform extending the company’s flagship biometric identity verification to authentication and enterprise-grade security to provide…

May 21, 2021

Socure, Idemia and FaceTec add digital identity veterans to leadership

Socure has hired a new advisor and a new chief marketing officer as it seeks hypergrowth with its selfie biometrics…

May 19, 2021

FaceTec liveness and biometrics drive 320 percent revenue growth, onboard 15M a month

Revenues for FaceTec grew by a spectacular 321 percent on a year-over-year basis in its first quarter of fiscal 2021,…

May 4, 2021

FaceTec selfie biometrics integrated for enterprises by Veritran as market stays hot

A series of partnerships and customer wins for selfie biometrics and identity verification tools for customer compliance have been announced…

Mar 24, 2021

Biometrics from Acuant, AU10TIX, Veriff, iDenfy, FaceTec to secure banking, payments, and dating apps

Several biometrics providers have signed up new customers for remote onboarding and security technologies, with Acuant and AU10TIX partnering with…

Mar 19, 2021

Biometrics providers FaceTec and ImageWare announce appointments, Idiap hiring researchers

The Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland is looking to fill several senior researcher positions for cross-disciplinary projects, having grown and…

Oct 26, 2020

Biometrics and document verification solutions make fraud gains as fake ID problem persists

The threat of identity fraud is forcing companies to consider the ID document authentication capabilities of their fraud prevention solutions,…

Sep 23, 2020

FaceTec supplies biometric face authentication for dating app profiles

The Meet Group has announced a new AI-powered biometric face verification badge feature for its MeetMe app on Monday. The…

Sep 10, 2020

FaceTec 3D face biometrics to authenticate users on new social media platform Voice

FaceTec is providing facial biometrics for social media company Voice for a new social media platform to avoid the widespread mistrust created…

Sep 2, 2020

FaceTec campaign encourages use of liveness detection in all biometric authentication scenarios

FaceTec is providing existing clients and partners with 2D liveness detection free of charge to prevent spoofing attacks and encourage…

FaceTec, Inc. Industry Insights


The PKI and device authentication fallacy

By Jay Meier, SVP North American Operations at FaceTec According to Verizon’s annual 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, weak user…

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FaceTec embraces new ISO-based anti-spoof testing for face biometrics

The rapid global adoption of biometrics for identification and access management by organizations of all sizes clearly indicates they are…

FaceTec, Inc. White Papers


Liveness detection: Biometric frontline or final frontier?

If we want to realize the full potential of biometrics – true unsupervised user authentication – we need to ensure…

Feb 12, 2019Standardized testing for biometrics

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