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Enterprise selfie biometrics solutions from Ping Identity, Ipsidy-LoginID partnership launched

Kabn plans ecosystem, IDmission announces customer win
Enterprise selfie biometrics solutions from Ping Identity, Ipsidy-LoginID partnership launched

Ping Identity has launched a new biometric cloud service for enterprises based on ID document and selfie liveness checks, while partnership involving smartphone biometrics have been announced by Ipsidy and LoginID, and Kabn North America and Indicio. Elsewhere in the space, IDmission has signed up a social media platform for its facial recognition and liveness detection technology.

Ping Identity introduces cloud biometrics for enterprise onboarding

Ping Identity has launched a new identity verification service to streamline new account onboarding and authentication by enterprise customers with ID document and selfie biometric checks.

The new PingOne Verify cloud service validates a government-issued ID and matches it to a selfie with facial recognition and biometric liveness detection to strengthen fraud prevention without adding unnecessary friction into the process. The liveness detection is provided through a short video for analysis of facial gestures.

The new service is intended to help businesses in regulated industries meet KYC obligations, and can also help with secondary account creation and other interactions that require identity reverification.

“Enterprises need individuals to verify their identity to prevent fraud, but if the verification process is too cumbersome, they risk losing customers in their first interactions with the business,” says Andre Durand, CEO and founder of Ping Identity. “PingOne Verify is a simple way to verify identities that meets all of an enterprise’s security requirements, while giving customers a streamlined, passwordless, onboarding experience.”

Ipsidy and LoginID develop FIDO2

Ipsidy has expanded its IDaaS service with FIDO2 biometrics for strong passwordless authentication by customers or employees, developed in partnership with LoginID.

AuthentifID integrates Ipsidy’s mobile biometric identity verification service Proof to bind a digital identity to an on-device biometric by matching a scanned identity document to a selfie with facial recognition.

“We are excited to partner with Ipsidy to offer developers a low-lift integration solution that seamlessly incorporates Ipsidy’s trusted biometric identity verification during the end-user registration process, before our FIDO2 or UAF biometric authentication is added to a user’s profile” says Simon Law, CEO of LoginID. “The combined solution enhances enterprise security, and provides end-users with the most secure, frictionless identity verification and authentication experience on the market.”

“Ipsidy is committed to ensuring our clients know the identity of their users with biometric certainty,” comments Phillip Kumnick, chairman and CEO of Ipsidy Inc. “AuthentifID offers significant advantages over other passwordless solutions.  Binding a biometric identity under control of the enterprise with FIDO2 strong authentication, creates a high assurance solution that is delivered easily to any customer platform, with the highest level of speed, accuracy and trust.”

The companies say AuthentifID, the product of a partnership announced last year, works across multiple devices and complies with PSD2 regulations.

Kabn partners to build Verifiable Credential Ecosystem

Kabn North America has reached a partnership agreement with Indicio to build and launch the Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem (LAVCE), which can in turn support the adoption of self-sovereign identity (SSI).

Indicio provides decentralized identity architecture, engineering and consultancy.

The LAVCE is meant to enable the online issuance, verification and management of digital IDs, and includes a digital credential wallet and platform for issuers, verifiers, and individuals. The companies intend it to be adopted by governments, healthcare providers, workplaces, the hospitality industry and other businesses to issue digital credentials and empower their users.

Liquid Avatars are digital identities connected to individuals with device-based facial recognition and enhanced privacy controls.

“With over 5 Billion people online and about 400 million people in the US and Canada the world continues to get smaller through increased digital presence and opportunities. Providing individuals with a no-cost service that allows them to prove who they are and verify, manage, control and generate value from their digital identity has the potential to create significant consumer and commercial opportunities,” said David Lucatch, CEO KABN North America. “The creation of the LAVCE and our new digital identity credentials align with our goal to make Liquid Avatar engaging and simple to use as governments and industry continue to move swiftly towards adopting increased levels of security, regulation and compliance, enabling consumers to control their identity and data usage. This program also supports our industry efforts with the Trust over IP Foundation, Lumedic Exchange and other company efforts.”

The Liquid Avatar live, open beta app is expected to be available from Google Play and the Apple App Store on February 18, 2021.

IDmission signs up Arabic social media platform

IDmission has partnered with Arabic social media platform Baaz to secure its user onboarding processes with biometrics.

Baaz intends to be the first social media platform to provide instant identity verification through advanced data analysis and natural language processing, with IDmission supplying passive liveness detection.

“Establishing user identity while enrolling into a social media site has far-reaching consequences, both for more meaningful social discourse and for enabling monetary transactions in the future,” says IDmission CEO Ashim Banerjee. “Baaz is a trailblazer in implementing KYC into a convenient, frictionless enrollment process.”

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