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Nodeflux and BasisAI partner on face biometrics following explainable AI startup program

Collaboration fostered by Open Loop program in Singapore

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Artificial intelligence technology firm BasisAI has run a prototype program with 12 startups in Singapore to help them develop their explainable AI (XAI) solutions, and agreed to a long-term partnership on face biometrics and object detection with one of them.

The new collaboration comes under the umbrella of Open Loop, a global experimental governance program spearheaded by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), Facebook and various local partners.

The program aims at improving Singapore’s AI governance frameworks in the field of AI and machine learning (ML) explainability, thus contributing to the wider adoption of biometrics and other technologies.

Open Loop launched in July last year and saw 12 AI startups from the Asia-Pacific region, including Nodeflux, the first Indonesian developer to place its biometric algorithms in the top 25 of Wild category in NIST’s FRVT benchmark, developing XAI solutions based on BasisAI’s proprietary ML platform, Bedrock.

“BasisAI was a perfect fit for the Open Loop program,” commented Facebook’s Global Policy Lead for Digital and AI Ethics Norberto Andrade.

“As a company invested in advancing and scaling responsible AI practices, and committed to informing and helping build sound AI governance frameworks, we are thrilled to have BasisAI as Open Loop’s technical assistance partner,” Andrade explained.

The program lasted six months, closing in January, and saw the creation of various XAI tools.

“As a brand that scales responsible AI within enterprises, BasisAI’s speciality is in building robust AI systems that are explainable, fair and easy to maintain,” said Mr Liu Feng-Yuan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BasisAI.

“Efforts in promoting understanding and confidence in responsible AI are crucial as we move towards an AI-enabled world,” he added.

According to the CEO, the Open Loop program has shown BasisAI is on the right track in equipping enterprises to deploy real-world, scalable AI systems.

BasisAI partners with Nodeflux on facial recognition solutions

Following the end of the Open Loop program, BasisAI signed a long-term partnership with computer vision start-up Nodeflux to collaborate on explainable biometrics.

The firms will now jointly focus on the development of facial recognition and object detection solutions, with the intention of improving the public safety applications of these technologies.

“Our computer vision systems and products have been implemented in a wide range of sectors such as smart cities, defence and security, banking, retail and wholesale store analysis,” said Adhiguna Mahendra, Nodeflux Chief of AI Research and Product Innovation, commenting on the partnership.

“We realize that AI explainability will be a very important component of AI implementation in the future and we gathered valuable insights about XAI under collaboration with BasisAI during the Open Loop program,” Mahendra added.

Moving forward, the executive said will utilize this partnership to leverage the Bedrock platform and BasisAI’s deep XAI know-how to strengthen the explainability of Nodeflux’s biometrics and AI solutions.

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