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Tool for explainable face biometrics, neural networks open-sourced by TruEra

TruEra has made its tool for explainability in machine learning models based on neural networks, like many biometric systems, available as…


NIST goes deeper into bias in biometrics

If NIST were a TV show, it would be Dragnet, the sober, just-the-facts U.S. detective show that saw crimes solved…


Nodeflux and BasisAI partner on face biometrics following explainable AI startup program

Artificial intelligence technology firm BasisAI has run a prototype program with 12 startups in Singapore to help them develop their…


The duties and rights of business AI

The federal government’s technology standards organization, NIST, has proposed four principles for explainable AI. An esoteric topic this is not….


Face recognition systems need to instill trust, but they do not: NIST researchers

Not enough is being done to engender trust in decisions made by facial recognition and biometrics systems, according to a…


The Vatican and Big Tech, Pentagon release overlapping AI commandments

It is hard to know what it means when a global religious figure, two iconic technology giants and the Pentagon…


U.S. Department of Defense will invest up to $2 billion in AI research

The U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will invest up to $2 billion in artificial intelligence…

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