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Selfie biometrics power KYC and fraud prevention from crypto platforms to governments

Selfie biometrics power KYC and fraud prevention from crypto platforms to governments

Solutions and implementations of ID document checks and face biometrics continue to proliferate, with GetID launching a new tool, customer wins for Onfido and iProov, a new partnership for iDenfy and a distribution agreement for Veridocs. Shufti Pro has picked up a pair of awards, meanwhile, and continuing recipients of social assistance in Nevada will be referred to ID.me to fight unemployment fraud.


Estonia-based GetID has launched an identity verification workflow-building tool to help customers streamline their know your customer (KYC) process development.

The flow builder for GetID’s cross-platform solution is available through the company’s administrative portal, and allows users to define needed checks, including biometrics, customize the visual appearance of a customer journey, and choose an integration option in three simple steps, the company says. This is intended to significantly reduce time and integration costs while providing a high degree of customization and security.

“We are really excited about how much faster and easier the process of implementing online identity verification can be. For developers, this time is reduced to days or even hours, instead of weeks of development before. GetID online KYC flow builder is an incredibly flexible tool,” says Dmitri Laush, CEO of GetID.

“Multiple verification flows can be set up, deployed on the fly and functioning asynchronously allowing companies and compliance teams to run several verifications flows for different countries, regions’ products.

“Also, it’s a perfect tool for any size company – it allows to significantly speed up and simplify the integration process while leaving a lot of room for flexibility and personalization.”


Casino and sportsbook platform Soft2Bet has selected Onfido’s biometric identity verification to power its simplified remote onboarding process.

The integration automates Soft2Bet’s onboarding process and streamlines its KYC requirements, with a government ID document check, selfie biometrics and liveness detection.

“The partnership provides the identity verification technology and expertise Soft2Bet needs to continue delivering an industry-leading offering. We have big plans so we are delighted Onfido could help ensure our future success through their ground-breaking fraud detection solution,” says Soft2Bet CEO Boris Chaikin.

“It enables us to automate a great deal of our KYC process and integrating it into our existing technology is proving to be seamless, which makes onboarding much smoother for our customers.”


Cryptocurrency digital identity service provider Synaps has chosen iProov to support its global expansion with biometric facial authentication and Genuine Presence Assurance. The biometric technology is expected to help mitigate the threat of deepfakes and prevent the use of synthetic identities to pass KYC checks.

Synaps provides its services KYC and know your business (KYB) services to individuals and cryptocurrency exchanges, with customers from a range of industries including banking, insurance, and crypto.

“With its face biometrics, iProov is helping us to ensure that we’re dealing with genuine users while providing a super-simple onboarding process to keep our user completion rates high and minimize drop-off rates,” states Synaps Founder and CEO Florian Le Goff.

This simplicity is particularly important in the cryptocurrency space, according to Le Goff.

“In the physical world, individuals go through KYC maybe once or twice a year at most. In cryptocurrency, all of the services need to know who you are, so KYC has to be repeated. It’s like going to an airport and having to show your passport over and over again, every 100 meters,” he explains.

“Synaps enables our users to do KYC once and get access to multiple platforms. iProov helps us ensure that the one-time KYC is completed in line with government-grade security levels. They’re also really good to work with: they know what they’re doing and we like working with them.”

iProov’s technology maximizes inclusivity by working with any platform or device with a front-facing camera, according to the announcement.


iDenfy has been chosen by Polish fintech Paymento Financial SA to provide real-time ID and face biometric verification for faster security checks and an improved customer experience.

Paymento serves financial services and ecommerce companies with multi-platform IT solutions. Through its partnership with iDenfy, the company will now provide an automated identity verification process, utilizing artificial intelligence and facial recognition.

iDenfy’s software can recognize identity documents from more than 200 countries and territories.

“We are really pleased to be partnering with Paymento Financial SA,” iDenfy CEO Domantas Ciulde says. “Their wide range of FinTech solutions are designed for the modern world of e-commerce, which makes identity verification a crucial aspect in keeping fraudulent activity to a minimum. Our software will help them to undertake these checks in real-time, improving both security and overall customer experience.”


Veridocs has signed a distribution agreement with Everi Holdings to bring its digital ID and biometric authentication to the latter’s physical and digital casino customers.

Everi will integrate Veridocs’ TrueAuthentication and TrueListCheck into its product offerings and offer ID authentication technology, while Veridocs will continue serving its existing gaming customers and offering its own suite of casino solutions, according to the announcement. The software will be integrated into Everi’s enrollment kiosks.

TrueAuthenticate allows customers to authenticate an ID document in seconds, while TrueListCheck compares IDs against internal, government, and proprietary watchlists.

“Veridocs TrueAuthentication is a natural fit with our comprehensive range of casino offerings,” states Adam Fong, SVP of product management for Casino Solutions at Everi. “Integrating their sophisticated ID authentication technology is yet another way in enabling us to provide exceptional value to our customers and their players while enhancing efficiencies and improving security.”

Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro has won a pair of awards in the ‘Business Technology’ and ‘Banking and Finance Technology’ categories at the Global Banking and Finance Awards 2021.

The company has been declared to have the ‘Best Digital KYC/Onboarding Application Europe 2021’ and ‘Best New Anti Fraud / Security Solutions Provider Cyprus 2021’

“We are thrilled to hear that our efforts and innovative solutions are being recognized worldwide. These awards make team Shufti Pro strive even harder towards delivering seamless IDV solutions to our global customers,” comments Victor Fredung, CEO and founder of Shufti Pro.


The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) has announced the final phase of identity verification for onboarding to continuing unemployment insurance (UI) with biometrics provided by ID.me to comply with the federal Continued Assistance Act, Las Vegas outlet KTNV reports.

Continuing claimants will be redirected to ID.me for identity validation starting on July 23.

DETR initially selected ID.me to fight unemployment fraud among new claimants last year.

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