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Anonybit decentralized biometrics integrated into Abine password manager

Anonybit decentralized biometrics integrated into Abine password manager

Anonybit.io’s decentralized biometric technology has been implemented by online privacy technology provider Abine to release a password manager for its Blur platform. The companies say it is the first password manager to be built on a decentralized identity framework.

Device-based password managers often use biometric authentication for enhanced security, but in a process Anonybit and Abine say can be easily circumvented by hackers. In contrast to this approach, Anonybit’s technology breaks down biometric data into anonymized bits that reside in a peer-to-peer network made up of numerous nodes, and uses multi-party computation to perform the biometric match.

“Consumers are clamoring for better data protection and stewardship over their personal information. Abine is answering the call, bringing enhanced security for their customers and instilling greater confidence in their online interactions,” comments Anonybit CEO and Co-founder Frances Zelazny. “There is no entity today that does not face privacy and security issues, and we are pleased that through this initiative, our infrastructure can reach more users.”

Zelazny explained the company’s concept for privacy-protecting biometrics to Biometric Update in an interview earlier this year. Anonybit uses face biometric technology to encrypt and retrieve a single master password for reduced fraud, strengthened compliance, and protection of the user’s identity and assets, according to the announcement.

“This implementation represents a first in the password protection space, and is something that’s long overdue,” says Rob Shavell, Abine co-founder and CEO. “The decentralized nature of the biometric information storage makes the Anonybit solution a leap forward in privacy-by-design.”

The new decentralized password manager will be deployed for password retrieval, free to existing Abine Blur customers, with an extension to account login functionality planned for the months ahead.

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