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decentralized biometrics

Biometric Update regularly releases posts related to the term "decentralized biometrics." The following list of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news concerning "decentralized biometrics" and other relevant terms. More tags may be perused by reviewing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


Anonybit launching next generation decentralized biometrics cloud

Anonybit, a decentralized authentication developer, has announced the launch of its next generation decentralized biometrics cloud, enabling greater scalability, more…


Anonybit plans biometric product and market upgrades, builds team with $3M funding round

Anonybit has raised $3 million and says it plans to accelerate its delivery of privacy-by-design identity management technologies to enterprises….


ROC biometrics integrated with Anonybit for privacy-secured enterprise solution

Anonybit has integrated Rank One Computing’s face matching SDK with its Privacy-by-Design architecture to maximize biometric accuracy and privacy protection…


Anonybit smashes the honeypot with first 1:N identification via decentralized cloud

Decentralized biometrics specialist Anonybit has achieved an industry first by adding 1:N (one to many) biometric identification capabilities to its…


Anonybit partners with Aware to preserve biometric template privacy

Decentralized solutions provider Anonybit has entered a new partnership with face biometrics developer Aware to build highly secure, and privacy-focused…


Anonybit raises $3.5M to relieve biometrics providers of sensitive data storage

To hear Anonybit Co-founder Frances Zelazny tell it, the company’s $3.5 million funding round is just one in a series…


FacePhi reports 60 percent turnover leap amid new biometric markets expansion

FacePhi has released its ‘First half of 2021 Report’, which showcases a 60 percent increase in the company’s turnover when…


Anonybit decentralized biometrics integrated into Abine password manager

Anonybit.io’s decentralized biometric technology has been implemented by online privacy technology provider Abine to release a password manager for its…


Biometric privacy and security with no tradeoff: a modest proposal from Anonybit’s Frances Zelazny

There are two traditional problems in biometrics privacy, one of which has a traditional answer, and the other of which…

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