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Website: anonybit.io

Anonybit’s decentralized biometric framework enables strong, passwordless authentication, reduces fraud, strengthens compliance and protects identity and personal assets. True privacy-by-design limits potential exposure of PII and ensures people who are who they claim to be, even when they present a new device or enter a new application.

Anonybit Biometrics News


Anonybit decentralized biometrics integrated into Abine password manager

Anonybit.io’s decentralized biometric technology has been implemented by online privacy technology provider Abine to release a password manager for its…

Sep 15, 2021

Most and Zelazny discuss biometric onboarding’s wild ride at EIC 2021

Enterprises can be excused if they have trouble seeing the benefit of many biometric technologies on the market today, or…

Apr 22, 2021

Biometric privacy and security with no tradeoff: a modest proposal from Anonybit’s Frances Zelazny

There are two traditional problems in biometrics privacy, one of which has a traditional answer, and the other of which…

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