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FIDO Alliance launches habit change authentication barometer, certification

Welcomes new cloud-based members
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FIDO Alliance launches habit change authentication barometer, certification

The FIDO Alliance, which strives for a passwordless world via addressing interoperability among strong authentication devices, launches a new tool to measure trends in authentication and welcomes two new members: cloud-based passwordless authenticator Axiad and cloud assets security management firm Vectoredge.

The new Online Authentication Barometer, launched at the ongoing Authenticate 2021 conference, is tracking what security measures people take online, to determine any trends in use of secure authentication technologies. The tool will look at ten countries and will begin to track behavior and attitude over time.

So far, passwords still reign. 56 percent of people used them to log into financial services in the last 60 days. After passwords, the next most common online authentication is biometrics such as fingerprints and face scans, used by 35 percent of people. Usage varied widely, but all ten countries reported at least 25 percent.

Attitudes towards biometrics are also positive. 32 percent of people consider them the most secure authentication method and it is the preferred method for 28 percent.

Professional Certification Program

A new ‘FIDO Certified Professional Program’ to compliment the Alliance’s portfolio of certification programs with recognition for individual skills and expertise in FIDO standards and architecture has been developed.

FIDO Certified professionals are expected to have the advanced technical knowledge necessary to analyze business requirements and define the FIDO architecture suited to their needs.

The program is recommended for technology architects, systems and operations engineers, security professionals and identity and access management professionals, according to the announcement.

“There is a large global appetite for authentication solutions beyond outdated and insecure passwords,” said Dr. Rae Rivera, certification director of the FIDO Alliance. “But with passwords so embedded in the digital security world, many organizations struggle to know where to start. Growing the global pool of authentication experts with this certified program is key to guiding more companies quickly and confidently in the right direction, while ensuring talented professionals have a means to demonstrate their market expertise.”

Axiad aligns with and enters alliance

“We’re thrilled to join the FIDO Alliance, especially as FIDO2 becomes increasingly important for the future of passwordless authentication,” said Yves Audebert, co-founder and co-CEO of Axiad.

“What makes FIDO2 such an appealing authentication standard is not only its wide adoption in the enterprise ecosystem but also the fact it supports the use of strong embedded credentials in end-user computers and devices today.”

Welcoming Axiad to the alliance, Andrew Shikiar, its executive director and CMO said, “Axiad’s expertise and support in promoting FIDO Authentication and their aligning mission to simplify authentication processes and encourage enterprises to ‘break up with their passwords for good’ makes them extremely well-suited as a member, and we look forward to their contributions.”

Axiad Holidngs recently secured US$20 million in investment from Invictus Growth Partners to accelerate the growth of its passwordless platform. Axiad is also taking part in the Authenticate 2021 Conference Seattle, hosted by the FIDO Alliance, beginning Monday 18 October.

Vectoredge simplifies security for clients, becomes FIDO member

Fellow new member Vectoredge protects cloud assets from breaches caused by over permissioning arising from issues such as cloud application misconfigurations. Its scalable, AI-driven authorization platform also allows companies to take on a standardized approach to overcome the difficulties of manually creating and controlling user groups with varying identity permissions.

“The FIDO Alliance welcomes our new associate member Vectoredge and thanks them for their commitment to strong authentication in the interest of the online community of providers and users,” said FIDO’s Shikiar.

“Vectoredge service providers understand the need for a new model in user authentication that both confirms and protects user identity, while simplifying the user experience.”

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