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ID4Africa looks to expand ranks of digital ID Ambassadors

ID4Africa looks to expand ranks of digital ID Ambassadors

ID4Africa has announced commencement of the application process for its 2022 class of Ambassadors, with a disclosure that the digital ID advocacy program will be expanded this time around.

The expansion means that Ambassadors will be selected from countries without previous representation and deputy Ambassadors will also be picked from all participating countries without exception, the movement said in a call for application.

Previously, seven AU-recognized countries did not have Ambassadors and deputy Ambassadors were choosen only from countries with the highest population or those with special consideration, according to the announcement from the digital-identity-for-all movement.

Per the announcement, African civil servants interested in becoming ID4Africa Ambassadors have until November 19 to send in their applications, which will then be reviewed and the appointment made. Female applicants will be given priority during the selection process, the announcement indicates.

Interested candidates can apply here.

According to ID4Africa officials, the application window is open to civil servants working full time for government institutions considered as identity stakeholders in their countries, and it is meant to have candidates for countries currently without representation or to fill the role of outgoing Ambassadors, as well as to appoint deputy Ambassadors in all countries, save for those that are still actively represented.

The Ambassadors and their role

ID4Africa Ambassadors are officials appointed to act as a bridge between the movement and the digital identity stakeholders in their country with the role of providing governance direction for ID4Africa vis-à-vis their countries’ identification needs. They also play a role in grassroots capacity and awareness building on identity-related issues in their countries. Their mandate runs for a period of one year, but it is renewable for a maximum period of four years.

Among other things, the Ambassadors also have the responsibility to inspire others to do good through identity systems, promote digital identity systems best practices, participate in ID4Africa’s annual meetings as advocates for identity issues in their country, as well as operate within the movement’s code of ethics and policy directives.

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