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Human or machine: AI proves best at spotting biometric attacks

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Human or machine: AI proves best at spotting biometric attacks

With large organizations processing millions of face checks monthly, one advantage of AI liveness detection is the reduced burden on humans. Another advantage of AI is faster response times for the customer. But these advantages aside, which is better at the job, the human or AI?

The team at ID R&D tackled this question with an experiment involving 175,454 images across five types of presentation attacks, including printed photos, digital displays, printed cutouts, 2D masks, and 3D masks. In this webinar hosted in partnership with Biometric Update, ID R&D CEO Alexey Khitrov will share the research and dive deeper into the methodology and important takeaways from the findings including:

– Why the research was needed
– How the research was conducted
– Examples of spoofing attacks used in the experiment
– A closer look at the data
– How to improve the accuracy of liveness detection
– What the findings mean for your business

Alexey will end with a Q&A and a preview of additional research the team is conducting.

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