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ID2020 appoints ED to unite ecosystem around user-controlled digital ID

Pindrop, Corsight, Identos, ID.me appoint new executives
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ID2020 appoints ED to unite ecosystem around user-controlled digital ID

Clive Smith has been named the new executive director of ID2020. He takes up the mantle to lead the group’s promotion of the adoption and implementation of user-managed, privacy-protecting and portable digital ID solutions.

Smith takes the role following the March announcement that founder Dakota Gruener was leaving the position. He brings to the position experience as a C-level executive and director in several roles. As Director of Global Operations at the United Nations Foundation Mobile Health Alliance, he worked to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a crucial driver of digital ID efforts, particularly in the developing world.

“We are very pleased to welcome Clive to the ID2020 team,” says Board Chairman Kim Gagné. “ID2020 is at an inflection point as an organization. While we are proud of our accomplishments over the past six years, we also recognize that we have much work to do to achieve our goal of improving the well-being of the world’s most vulnerable populations through the promotion of ‘good’ digital ID solutions. The field of digital identity is evolving rapidly, and our success will require a commitment to collaboration, creative problem-solving, and innovation. We are confident that Clive’s unique skill set and depth of experience will position him well to guide ID2020 into the future.”

“A universally recognized digital ID is fast becoming an indispensable requirement for equitable participation in contemporary life in every type of economy,” Smith comments. “The field is evolving rapidly, with a multitude of parties advocating on behalf of various policy and technical approaches. ID2020 can play a pivotal role, helping ensure that the appropriately interoperable solutions – and related financial, legal, and regulatory guardrails – are in place, and become the foundation of digital ID in the decades ahead.”

Pindrop, Corsight, Identos, ID.me appointments

Pindrop has appointed Kieran King as its new chief customer officer to take advantage of her extensive experience in business-to-business SaaS customer strategy.

King brings 25 years of experience in B2B SaaS sales, strategy and marketing, most recently with Talkdesk.

“We know what got us here won’t get us to the next level,” admits Pindrop CEO Vijay Balasubramaniyan. “Our key difference will be simple: doubling down on the success of our customers. We are confident that Kieran’s relentless focus on customers and empathetic leadership style will enable Pindrop to achieve more and continue to create a safer digital world for us all.”

ID.me has brought in former Washington Post reporter and editor Terry Neal as its new chief communications officer.

Neal’s role will include overseeing ID.me’s corporate communications strategy to help further increase access, protect privacy and streamline customer experiences, according to the announcement.

“We are very proud of our work to advance equity by making identity verification work better for historically underserved communities, and Terry will shine a light on those efforts,” comments ID.me CEO and Co-founder Blake Hall.

Carl Kaudle is the new sales director for Europe at Corsight AI to help fuel the further expansion of the company’s facial recognition and video analytics, according to a LinkedIn announcement.

Kaudle recently served nine years at digital services and transformation consultant Capita, including four years as the company’s police client director.

Identos has named Jason Owens its new VP for Western Canada, as it expands from its Toronto headquarters.

In that role, Owens will lead the company’s efforts to serve the healthcare and government sectors with digital identity and access management technologies.

Owens’ experience includes a recent stint as director of British Columbia’s Identity Information Management (IDIM) Program.

Computer vision expert leaves Tesla

Tesla Senior Director of AI and computer vision expert Andrej Karpathy has stepped down, tweeting the news and stating that he has “no concrete plans for what’s next.”

The company also laid off close to 200 employees from its Autopilot division in June, possibly signaling a realignment away from the development of autonomous driving technologies.

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