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Sovrin wants feedback on third version of its framework for digital identity systems

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Sovrin wants feedback on third version of its framework for digital identity systems

The Sovrin Foundation has released a draft of its third ecosystem governance framework.

Sovrin Ecosystem Governance Framework V3 comes a year after the organization unveiled plans to create a digital ID wallet that includes biometrics with verifiable credentials.

The organization is best known in the digital ID community for its MainNet Hyperledger Indy identity ledger.

Sovrin’s ecosystem governance framework supports the foundation’s mission, identity for all.

“Digital identity systems have a special obligation to secure availability of the service,” reads a LinkedIn post about the framework.

According to the nonprofit, the main objective of the new framework is to foster the sustainability and growth of the Sovrin ecosystem while adhering to the principles of self-sovereign identity (SSI).

“The governance framework takes a risk-based approach to assess the uncertainties of achieving the goals of sustainability and growth of the ecosystem while adhering to the principles,” according to the post.

Further, the digital ID organization says collaboration of private and common interests is a fundamental principle of the new framework.

“These powers need to be directed in a manner that emphasizes and enables the collective ownership of the ecosystem,” says the foundation.

The report is divided into three parts, each of them setting a number of requirements for Sovrin policies and defining tasks that are a collective responsibility of ecosystem participants.

The three sections, agency, control and protection include four principles each.

The agency part analyses the role of digital identity in terms of representation, delegation, equity and inclusion, and usability, accessibility and consistency.

Control, analyses matters related to participation, decentralization, interoperability and portability.

Protection highlights issues connected to the security of digital IDs, together with verifiability and authenticity, privacy and minimal disclosure and transparency.

“We hope other similar efforts can relate to the draft and similarly build their ecosystem governance frameworks,” wrote Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay and Line Kofoed from the Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group.

The primary document has been approved by Sovrin trustees and is now available for a 30-day public review.

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