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New South African smart card driver’s license to meet ISO 18013 standard

New South African smart card driver’s license to meet ISO 18013 standard

Authorities in South Africa say the new version of the country’s driver’s license for which a pilot is due to end in 2024 will be designed to meet advanced physical and data security attributes in line with ISO/IEC 18013 specifications for driver’s licenses.

According to Business Tech, the machines that print the current version of driver’s licenses in the country will be put out of use, to give way for the installation of the new system.

The outlet quotes Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula as having said at the close of last year that the smart card license project is meant to tackle some of the inadequacies of the current licenses introduced back in 1998.

The official is cited as saying that technological changes have not only rendered the credential out of date, its infrastructure has also become expensive to manage.

“The new proposed card will make the country’s driving license compatible with the International Information Technology Personal Identification Compliant Driving License (ISO 18013),” said Mbalula as quoted by Business Tech.

The new licenses which will include biometric data will also be built with other advanced security features to make forgery and alteration practically difficult, according to the Transport Minister.

Conformance the ISO standard makes licenses more secure and eases their use in authentication.

The Driving License Card Account (DLCA), the license-issuing authority, has been in support of a new generation driver’s license, with Business Tech quoting the agency as saying “the project will allow for the adoption of digital technologies such as blockchain and other related technologies, which will form the platform of an integrated transport system.”

As South Africans look forward to the new system, authorities have also announced that there are plans to set up a new system to book appointments for and renew the ID credential, which will go a long way in reducing the queues that always characterize the booking process, writes Business Tech.

The new smart card driver’s license is expected to be in place by October this year, according to our previous reporting on the development.

South Africa has a number of digital innovation projects in view including the planned introduction of biometrics for traveler checks at major ports of entry, as well as a biometric visa system.

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