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Biometric IDV sees uptake in real estate law, recruitment and aviation

Shufti Pro certified for UK GDPR
Biometric IDV sees uptake in real estate law, recruitment and aviation

Shufti Pro has attained a QG-GDPR certificate, an extension of the UK General Data Protection Regulation covering organizations that process, store, or use customer data for operational purposes. The certification positions Shufti Pro as a trusted and verified operator that provides robust data security and transparency, in an IDV market that is booming as businesses recognize the value of data and the need to protect it.

A release from the UK IDV firm quotes a study by Forbes valuing global user data at $7.4 trillion, and says Shufti Pro pursued QG-GDPR certification as one of the most strident data privacy regulations around. “It validates our commitment and efforts in securing customers’ data and giving them 100% transparency of our data collection,” says Victor Fredung, CEO of Shufti Pro.

Bluink supplies biometric app to streamline processes for the legal sector

A host of IDV companies have found new homes for their biometric verification and authentication platforms, further demonstrating the demand for secure identity tools to manage digital transactions across sectors.

Canadian title insurance and real estate technology provider FCT is launching a new biometric identity verification tool for legal professionals, powered by software from Ottawa-based digital identity firm Bluink. A company press release says that Client ID Verification uses Bluink’s eID-Me biometric face matching to authenticate government-issued ID documents and verify facial biometrics against data points including credit bureau checks and mobile device account verification.

Daniela DeTommaso, president of FCT, says that as digital fraud evolves, ID verification is increasingly a major priority. “Bluink’s products prioritize privacy, security and compliance, all of which align with FCT’s vision and values,” DeTommaso says. “Client ID Verification complements our team’s extensive experience in identity verification and fraud detection.”

The identity verification application can be found at FCT’s online portal.

Referoo hops on digital identity verification with ConnectID deal

A company release says that online reference check firm Referoo is the first Australian recruitment company to integrate real-time identity authentication from ConnectID, the secure digital identity tool backed by Australia’s banks and brokered through the online payments conglomerate Australia Payments Plus (AP+).

Initially developed under Eftpos (now a subsidiary of AP+), ConnectID uses trusted sources such as a person’s bank account to verify their identity in real-time through secure data exchange, without the need for the application to see or store personal data.

“It’s simple, effective, and it’s a game-changer for Referoo users and their stakeholders,” says Referoo CEO Neil Rose. “Certainty of identity is critical when it comes to who you’re hiring and who is recommending them. ConnectID is the secure bridge between trusted identity sources and your business so you can deliver a better candidate and referee experience while maintaining the highest level of data security.”

Crewblast avoids ID turbulence with biometric verification integration

Among people whose identity needs to be certain, pilots and flight attendants rank high on the list; so says aviation recruitment platform Crewblast, which issued a release announcing a new strategic partnership with Clear and IDRamp to strengthen its ID verification and vetting processes when contracting flight crew.

Citing the limitations of traditional background checks, Crewblast says there is a clear need to enhance the secure verification process for professionals who bear such a high degree of responsibility for the safety of travelers. The release says the partnership enables them to tap diverse biometric verification capabilities, including iris, fingerprint and facial recognition, to speed up the vetting process and add an extra layer of security on top of background checks.

The new face verification system will use government-issued ID and a selfie for initial setup and additional selfies per verification.

iDenfy and Dojah score IDV deals in Lithuania, Africa

Archway.Finance, a Bulgaria-based fiat-to-crypto payment gateway specializing in business payments, cross-border transactions, and international payments has enlisted Lithuanian biometrics provider iDenfy to update its manual compliance operations by providing KYC, KYB and AML compliance and digital ID verification, says a company release.

To facilitate Archway.Finance’s customer onboarding, both for individual and corporate clients, iDenfy will provide enhanced 3D liveness detection technology and enable automated AML checks, enabling Archway.Finance to ensure secure user journeys, minimize risks, and expedite the verification of trusted customers.

Finally, US digital wallet fintech Humble Inc. has announced that its African users can now verify themselves with Dojah, an end-to-end platform for onboarding users, verifying identity and preventing fraud offered as a suite of APIs and code-free tools. Brian Foote, CEO of Humble, says “the mission of HUMBL is to provide a growing platform of verified accounts, digital wallets and authenticated web transactions that can connect people next door, or around the world. We are proud to work with Dojah as our core African onboarding partner.”

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