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Worldcoin turns to person on the street to accelerate biometric development

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Worldcoin turns to person on the street to accelerate biometric development

Executives with the Worldcoin Foundation have created a development grant program that has been valued at 5 million WLD. The goal is to create more interest in developing better, more-equitable technology on the foundation’s biometric technology.

Worldcoin‘s request-for-proposals page lists five areas that applicants should address singly or in combination, and two of them involve the foundation’s digital World ID. One seeks innovations in World ID apps and the other focuses on the World ID protocol.

The grants will be doled out in three waves, according to the foundation, and paid in Worldcoin’s WLD tokens, USD Coin or other stablecoin. The first wave will equal 2 million WLD, but the organization says future program grants could vary.

There are community grants up to 5,000 WLD each for community organizers and event sponsorships. Project grants of up to 25,000 WLD will go to larger projects and open-track grants, with no ceiling, are available for the most ambitious ideas.

Trade publication CoinDesk has valued the grants at $5 million.

Executives say that the five project categories are not definitive. Proposals supporting other aspects of the foundation’s work will be considered.

The protocol category lists specific areas Worldcoin feels needs more development heat. This includes machine learning to calculate iris biometrics code in zero-knowledge for self-custody upgrades, face authentication zero-knowledge machine learning, proof-of-personhood impact research and multiple-parties uniqueness checks.

The World ID apps category includes work on voting security, bot resistance for social media and the creation of a universal basic income.

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  1. Perhaps it’s just me, but I continue to encounter a mental block on the use of World ID in voting. While World ID can attest to my uniqueness, in and of itself it cannot say whether I am entitled to vote. If I were a 14 year old Californian, I should not be allowed to vote in a UK election, yet the World ID does not know whether I meet UK voting requirements. So how would World ID voting work?

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