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Vein biometric authentication picks up steam for hospital, pharmacy use

Vein biometric authentication picks up steam for hospital, pharmacy use

mofiria’s finger vein biometrics will secure Pers Japan drawers in hospitals throughout Tokyo, while nVIAsoft will use its Verihand biometrics in Arrive’s Mailbox-as-a-Service system, according to announcements.

mofiria and Pers Japan deploy finger vein authentication

In collaboration with Pers Japan, a hospital furniture rental business, mofiria, a finger vein biometrics company, has announced it has developed a drawer that unlocks using finger vein authentication.

Users can hover a finger over the processor at the front of the drawer to unlock it without a key. Finger vein authentication is more difficult to forge than fingerprint authentication methods that read the surface of the skin. Veins are also less affected by physical states such as the texture or moisture of skin.

All hospital beds at the University of Tokyo hospital have a bedside cabinet using this drawer. Patients do not need to worry about losing keys or having their items stolen. This also helps alleviate the burden of related tasks for hospital staff.

Arrive integrates nVIAsoft’s hand vein verification

Arrive announced it is partnering with nVIAsoft to use its hand vein biometric verification solution Verihand  in its Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions platform.

nVIAsoft’s Verihand uses multi-modal pattern recognition, reading vein structure through the entire hand to verify identity. This means more reference points are used, resulting in more secure biometrics.

“Organizations like hospitals, pharmacies and law firms have highly sensitive products and materials to ship and can’t risk having their items end up in the wrong hands,” says Arrive CEO Dan O’Toole. “With just a wave of your hand, using Verihand technology, we’ll have the most accurate and secure chain-of-custody possible while also keeping shipped items safe until they are retrieved by the intended recipient.”

“Arrive delivers a safe, convenient platform for autonomous and conventional package deliveries. Adding our pioneering authentication guarantees life-saving medicine or meals won’t get into the wrong hands,” says nVIAsoft Founder and CEO Bernard Garcia.

Arrive’s platform has been used by hospitals, restaurants and the U.S. Postal Service. It can interact with IoT devices and act as a charging station. Units are expected to be in use this year.

The use of vein biometric scanners in hospitals has long been a focus of Global ID.

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