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Articles By Carla Roncato

Carla Roncato is the Founder of Authora Research and Evangelist at the OpenID Foundation. Carla was previously the primary analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) covering identity and access management, data privacy, and zero trust security. She has been featured in Computer Weekly, SG Magazine, TechTarget, Wall Street Journal and a keynote speaker at Trend Micro CloudSec Conference and Open Banking Security Summit. Find Carla on Twitter @BetterIdentity.

The enterprise IAM movement towards passwordless authentication does not appear to drive uptake of facial recognition in the workplace. Instead,…

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Who’s watching the US DOJ’s use of facial recognition? Hint, the ACLU plays a part

Law enforcement agencies in several U.S. jurisdictions have engaged with the ACLU to formulate their policies for facial recognition use….


Deloitte believes the future of government rests on a vision it calls ‘agile identity’

Deloitte has unveiled a vision called “agile identity” which it believes is the future of government, soon after being awarded…

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