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Unlike other biometrics, Fujitsu’s PalmSecure solution utilizes contactless, non-traceable authentication to deliver unmatched security and privacy that is virtually impossible to forge. Solutions include patient registration, time & attendance, access control, Gov’t ID, PC logon, POS, ATMs & SAP.

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FacePhi and Fujitsu technology deployed in new CaixaBank facial recognition ATMs

Spanish financial services company CaixaBank has introduced ATM withdrawals using facial recognition. CaixaBank collaborated with technology partners FacePhi and Fujitsu…

Nov 19, 2018BioSec and Fujitsu demonstrating biometric stadium security solution at Arena Summit
Oct 4, 2018Fujitsu unveils integrated palm vein and facial biometric system for wallet-free payments
Sep 14, 2018Fujitsu biometric remote patient engagement software launched to Epic marketplace
Sep 6, 2018Japanese Racing Association bets on Fujitsu palm vein biometrics
Aug 9, 2018Lotte Card and Fujitsu launch biometric self-registration for payment system
Jul 12, 2018Fujitsu palm vein tech to be tested for cardless retail payments in Japan
Jun 29, 2018Aware working with Fujitsu on biometric services system for UK govt
Jun 17, 2018Superfresh Growers deploys palm vein authentication for enterprise-wide time and attendance
May 31, 2018Fujitsu passes 1 million sales of PalmSecure palm vein sensors
May 22, 2018Fujitsu palm vein authentication technology tracking tourists to Great Barrier Reef
May 16, 2018iBeta certifies Fujitsu PalmSecure F-Pro for EPCS compliance
Mar 29, 2018Mizuho Bank taps Fujitsu solution with Nok Nok Labs authentication suite to secure mobile banking
Mar 7, 2018Product launches and demos at HIMSS showcase spread of biometrics to protect healthcare records
Mar 5, 2018Fujitsu wins UK Home Office Biometric Matcher Services Platform contract

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Hand vein authentication bolsters Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

This is a guest post by Fatima Alali and Paul Sheldon Foote, Professors of Accounting at California State University, Fullerton….

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