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ReadID Powered by InnoValor

ReadID Powered by InnoValor

Website: readid.com

ReadID, powered by InnoValor, is the global leader in NFC-first identity verification. With your mobile phone it is possible to perform trusted identity document verification and to get access to your digital identity. ReadID uses two components that everyone has: a government-issued identity document with NFC chip and the NFC function in mobile phones. The digital identity is included in the chip in identity documents, such as electronic passports, driving licenses and identity cards, and contains your personal information and a high-resolution passport photo.

Through visual inspection it is almost impossible to see remotely whether identity documents have been manipulated. With ReadID’s NFC technology, identity documents can be verified with 100% certainty by reading and verifying the NFC chip in the document with your mobile phone. Validated personal data is read from the physical document and displayed digitally in an app and to check physical documents for authenticity. All this can be done remotely so that consumers no longer have to physically go to a counter. ReadID can also be used to support face-2-face identity verification. We orchestrate with optical and facial verification partners for non- chipped documents and holder verification.

It is the most secure and easy-to-use mobile identity verification solution, deployed internationally in various industries. At banks for customer onboarding, Know Your Customer processes and fraud prevention, during border controls to check the authenticity and owner of a document or for digitally signing of important documents. Fraud prevention and user-friendliness are of utmost importance.

Banks such as ING, Rabobank, ASB, and trust service providers SK ID Solutions, Itsme and Digidentity, among others, use ReadID. ReadID was a key component in the EU Settlement Scheme app (“the Brexit app”) by UK Home Office. More than 6 million European citizens living in Great Britain have used ReadID to digitally arrange their residence permit.

Do you want to know more about ReadID? www.readid.com

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ReadID Powered by InnoValor Biometrics News


InnoValor, Clearview AI SOC 2 cybersecurity certifications boost data privacy assurance

Mobile ID and biometrics orchestrator InnoValor and facial recognition firm Clearview AI have each announced they completed the Service Organization Control…

Feb 16, 2022

Dutch buyout fund enters biometrics market with InnoValor investment

Main Capital Partners has purchased a majority stake in InnoValor, the Netherlands-based digital ID document-scanning and biometrics provider that offers…

Nov 10, 2021

UK selects over a dozen biometrics providers for immigration self-enrollment trial

The biometric suppliers and sub-suppliers for the UK Home Office’s forensic border check trial have been unveiled. A privacy information…

Mar 23, 2021

InnoValor biometrics partners get compliance assurance with ID-scanning certifications

Mobile digital ID and NFC provider InnoValor earned three new certifications for its ReadID verification solution, which is often integrated…

Feb 5, 2021

GBG adds NFC scanning to document check and selfie biometrics with InnoValor partnership

GBG has partnered with Near-Field Communication (NFC) provider InnoValor to bring NFC-scanning to its biometric onboarding solution IDScan and wider suite…

Feb 27, 2020

Smart-ID registration with remote biometrics launches with SK ID, iProov partnership

SK ID Solutions has announced facial biometric registration for Smart-ID accounts, combining smartphones’ NFC capabilities with biometric passports and identity…

Apr 4, 2019

Innovalor and WorldReach Software revealed as partners for biometric Brexit immigration app

In addition to biometrics provided by iProov, the UK Home Office’s post-Brexit EU immigration app will leverage ID document reading…

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