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SmartMetric, Inc.

SmartMetric, Inc. (stock info) is a technology engineering company that has developed miniature electronic systems and software for use in the field of biometric identification and validation for the payments, security access and identity validation sectors.

SmartMetric, Inc. Biometrics News


SmartMetric incorporates biometrics into multifunctional ID and access control card

SmartMetric announced it has incorporated its miniature biometric technology into an advanced multifunctional identity and access control card. Using its…

Aug 19, 2014

SmartMetric embeds Cortex processor into fingerprint activated card

SmartMetric announced it has added a Cortex processor to its biometric controlled credit, debit and identity cards, which improves the…

Apr 26, 2014

Top Biometrics News Stories, Week of April 26

Biometrics Week in Review: Cross Match acquires DigitalPersona, update on SmartMetric’s biometrics-activated card, NEC’s facial recognition PC unlock app, Samsung…

Apr 22, 2014

SmartMetric issues update on biometrics-activated card, other fingerprint-based offerings

SmartMetric says it will continue to develop its biometrics-activated payment card with an embedded fingerprint sensor, and once it’s been fully…

Apr 20, 2014

Top Biometrics News Stories, Week of April 19

Biometrics Week in Review: Samsung’s Galaxy S5 fingerprint hack, Fingerprint Cards order for touch sensors, CardLogix encoding engine for ID…

Apr 14, 2014

SmartMetric plans biometric ID card with embedded fingerprint sensor and color display

SmartMetric says it’s working on releasing a new biometric ID card that will display a user’s face following an on-card fingerprint…

Jan 10, 2014

SmartMetric boasts world’s first biometric bitcoin card

SmartMetric has announced that it has developed and will soon launch the SmartMetric Biometric Bitcoin Card. “SmartMetric’s bitcoin card can…

Dec 2, 2013

SmartMetric says fingerprint payment card will be available in Q1 2014

SmartMetric has announced that its fingerprint-activated payments card will be available for quantity sales in the first quarter of 2014. According…

Oct 10, 2013

SmartMetric plans North American launch for fingerprint EMV payment card, loses patent suit

SmartMetric is about to launch its fingerprint-activated biometric payment card for use in North America. The card, which the company says…

Apr 22, 2013

SmartMetric incorporates NFC into biometric chip card

SmartMetric has incorporated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into its fingerprint activated biometric chip card, aimed at financial institutions. “This…

Nov 16, 2012

SmartMetric launches biometric USB keyring for medical information

SmartMetric, a developer of biometric cards, has released a new biometric product, in the form of a USB keyring for…

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