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Recognize people by the way they type. AI-based solution for risk-based authentication and fraud prevention. Use case: eLearning, financial services and MFA.

TypingDNA Biometrics News


TypingDNA to demo typing biometrics to growing market at RSA

Fresh off a $7 million Series A funding round led by Gradient VC, Google’s AI venture arm, TypingDNA is bringing…

Jan 23, 2020

New regulatory enforcement makes 2020 big year for biometrics, execs say

Regulations for authenticating transactions and protecting privacy will continue to evolve in 2020, with companies gearing up for PSD2’s Strong…

Jan 5, 2020

Typing biometrics gets a boost as Gradient Ventures leads $7M funding round for TypingDNA

TypingDNA has announced a $7 million Series A funding round led by Google’s AI-focused venture fund Gradient Ventures. Prior investors,…

Dec 11, 2019

TypingDNA extends proprietary typing biometrics technology for mobile authentication

TypingDNA is extending its proprietary typing biometrics technology for mobile-based authentication at the Gartner Identity and Access Management (IAM) Summit…

Jul 17, 2019

New capabilities strengthen BehavioSec Behavioral Biometric Platform ahead of PSD2 deadline

BehavioSec has added new capabilities to the BehavioSec Behavioral Biometric Platform ahead of the deadline for PSD2 compliance, including new…

Jun 20, 2019

TypingDNA biometrics integrated with XTN fraud prevention solution

TypingDNA announced today a partnership with cybersecurity firm XTN Cognitive Security that will see its proprietary typing biometrics technology integrated…

Jun 19, 2019

TypingDNA releases new typing biometrics-based MFA solution

TypingDNA launched a customizable MFA solution today that uses a combination of typing biometrics, SMS OTP, or email OTP to…

Apr 23, 2019

New VP to support TypingDNA’s sales efforts in the US market

TypingDNA announced today that it has appointed cybersecurity industry sales veteran Terry Freeman as its new vice president of sales….

Feb 21, 2019

TypingDNA and Optimal IdM hosting webinar on the future of authentication

TypingDNA and its partner Optimal IdM will be hosting a webinar later this month titled “The Future of Authentication: Behavioral…

Jan 31, 2019

TypingDNA raises new investment for its behavioral biometrics technology

TypingDNA today announced it has raised $1.5M in seed round funding from European venture firm GapMinder Venture Partners, as well…

Jul 25, 2018

Optimal IdM extends MFA offering with TypingDNA behavioral biometrics

Through its partnership with TypingDNA, Optimal IdM now offers customers a secure biometric option as part of their multi-factor authentication…

Mar 20, 2018

TypingDNA launches Chrome extension for PC-based 2FA

TypingDNA has launched an extension for the Chrome browser to provide a convenient alternative to using a mobile device for…

Dec 12, 2017

TypingDNA launches authentication solution based on short text samples

TypingDNA has developed technology capable of identifying individuals by how they type short, repetitive text samples, enabling key-stroke biometrics to…

Jul 26, 2017

IBIA welcomes new members

Clarkson University, Hitachi Beijing, Liquid Inc, Telos ID, Typing DNA, and Vigilant Solutions have joined the International Biometrics + Identity…

Dec 6, 2016

TypingDNA enables easy identity verification for web apps with typing biometrics

TypingDNA has developed technology that expands the limited biometric authentication options not requiring specialized sensors or advanced hardware. Its approach…

Nov 1, 2016

TypingDNA raises new investment in latest financing round

Behavioural biometrics firm TypingDNA has raised new investment in its latest financing round lead by Gecad Ventures with money also…

Brand Focus: TypingDNA


Bringing biometric 2FA to the desktop

The continued rise of two-factor authentication (2FA) has been a product of the increase in digital customer engagement due to…

Feb 20, 2020TypingDNA to demo typing biometrics to growing market at RSA
Dec 6, 2016TypingDNA enables easy identity verification for web apps with typing biometrics

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