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Recognize people by the way they type. AI-based solution for risk-based authentication and fraud prevention. Use case: eLearning, financial services and MFA.

TypingDNA Biometrics News


TypingDNA integrates behavioral biometrics with WSO2 IAM for customer, employee authentication

Customers using a pair of WS02’s identity and access management (IAM) solutions are now able to deploy TypingDNA’s behavioral biometric…

Jan 20, 2022

TypingDNA introduces continuous biometric authentication for remote workers

TypingDNA has turned its behavioral biometric technology to the challenge of continuous authentication, launching a new capability to support enterprise zero…

Oct 13, 2021

Bringing biometric 2FA to the desktop

The continued rise of two-factor authentication (2FA) has been a product of the increase in digital customer engagement due to…

Jul 16, 2021

TypingDNA launches behavioral biometrics tool for mood to beta

Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider TypingDNA has launched a beta of its Focus behavioral biometrics tool. The solution uses the…

Jul 2, 2021

IrisGuard, SAFR, TypingDNA, Corsight AI, iiDENTIFii biometric, security expertise awarded

Several biometric companies have received new awards this week, with IrisGuard winning a GSMA GLOMO prize at MWC21, and SAFR…

Apr 16, 2021

TypingDNA CEO honored for biometrics entrepreneurship

Several new awards have honored industry leaders from around the globe in recognition of their innovative efforts to rethink biometric…

Mar 16, 2021

TypingDNA develops biometric two-factor authentication replacement for traditional SMS OTPs

TypingDNA has unveiled software to replace the questionable security of SMS one-time passwords (OTPs) with typing biometrics for user authentication….

Feb 19, 2021

Goode Intelligence announces Biometric Summit 2021 date, calls for speakers

The Goode Intelligence Biometric Summit 2021 is set to take place on Tuesday, April 13 as an online event to explore…

Dec 14, 2020

TypingDNA announces progress on typing biometrics-based app to analyze productivity

TypingDNA says it is in the research phase of developing an application to analyze people’s behavioral patterns and attitudes while…

Dec 4, 2020

Biometric on and offline signature solution wins TypingDNA hackathon

A double-gold has been awarded to an app for on and offline digital signatures built with typing biometrics from TypingDNA…

Nov 5, 2020

TypingDNA announces single-call API for biometric authentication, free unlimited developer plan

TypingDNA has updated its Authentication API to significantly reduce complexity for developers integrating typing biometrics with a single API call, while…

Oct 20, 2020

TypingDNA and buguroo each present behavioral biometrics advantages for banks

The global market for biometrics in banking and financial services will be worth $10.8 billion by 2025, backed by increasing…

Sep 15, 2020

Typing biometrics innovators wanted: TypingDNA hackathon offers $110,000 in prizes

TypingDNA is launching a hackathon to explore potential new applications of typing biometrics with $110,000 in total prize value, the company…

Sep 4, 2020

TypingDNA’s biometric MFA deployed to US retail chain’s POS for login security

U.S. retail chain Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores (SHOS) has implemented TypingDNA’s biometrics-based two-factor authentication to increase POS security during…

Aug 18, 2020

ForgeRock adds TypingDNA’s typing biometrics authentication to identity platform

The ForgeRock Identity Platform has integrated the typing biometric authentication API developed by TypingDNA to boost security and workforce and…

Aug 3, 2020

TypingDNA, CPaT release biometric student verification for airline training

Airline and aviation industry distance learning provider CPaT Global has released CPaT I-Check Student Verification, a student verification tool with…

Jul 8, 2020

NuData and TypingDNA behavioral biometrics rolled out for digital banking, online exams proctoring

Jack Henry & Associates has integrated passive biometrics and behavioral analytics technology from Mastercard subsidiary NuData Security to upgrade its Banno Digital…

Jun 16, 2020

TypingDNA’s behavioral biometrics now available for Azure AD clients to leverage 2FA

Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C customers can now leverage behavioral biometrics through TypingDNA’s Authentication API to ensure a frictionless two-factor…

Mar 20, 2020

TypingDNA to provide free behavioral biometrics for proctoring and remote education during outbreak

To support remote online learning during the covid-19 pandemic, TypingDNA is extending free use of its API for typing biometric…

Feb 24, 2020

Biometrics, passwordless authentication and encryption key tech demoed at RSA Conference 2020

The annual RSA Conference is on this week in San Francisco, bringing together leading online biometrics and digital identity providers,…

Brand Focus: TypingDNA


Bringing biometric 2FA to the desktop

The continued rise of two-factor authentication (2FA) has been a product of the increase in digital customer engagement due to…

Feb 20, 2020TypingDNA to demo typing biometrics to growing market at RSA
Dec 6, 2016TypingDNA enables easy identity verification for web apps with typing biometrics

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