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NuData and TypingDNA behavioral biometrics rolled out for digital banking, online exams proctoring

NuData and TypingDNA behavioral biometrics rolled out for digital banking, online exams proctoring

Jack Henry & Associates has integrated passive biometrics and behavioral analytics technology from Mastercard subsidiary NuData Security to upgrade its Banno Digital Platform, with the intention to reduce fraud in real time and provide frictionless digital banking for end users, the company announced.

Financial institutions using the Banno Digital Platform can already leverage the technology to identify high-risk users during login and address account-specific threats. Device recognition technology is enhanced with behavioral analytics, passive biometrics, and a cloud-based trust consortium.

In 2019, NuData Security processed 650 billion behavioral data points to prevent fraud. Machine learning algorithms regularly update modules, signals and rules, and block more than 99 percent of automated credential-testing and account-takeover attempts, the company claims. The technology prevents account takeover, credential stuffing, transaction fraud, and application fraud.

“Cybercrime is more sophisticated than ever and the costs are mounting. With more people moving to digital as their primary point of contact, it’s essential that financial institutions serve them in a way that protects their identity, assets, and loyalty,” said Greg Adelson, chief operating officer of Jack Henry in a prepared statement. “We’ve found an approach to achieve that balance through behavioral intelligence powered by NuData. Ultimately, this is about responding to what matters most to banks and credit unions: protecting their customer and member relationships.”

“As the industry continues to shift to digital and online services, and breaches and cybercrime continue to increase, the bad actors find opportunities to deploy sophisticated attacks that are difficult to detect,” said Michelle Hafner, senior vice president of NuData Security, in the press release. “In 2019, NuData identified one in every three login attempts as high-risk, reinforcing the need for financial institutions to leverage state-of-the-art technologies that differentiate between valid users and bad actors. This is a great opportunity to help financial institutions protect customers using advanced technologies that don’t impact the user experience.”

Biometric payments security expert Bob Reany has recently taken over leadership of NuData Security, replacing CEO Christopher Bailey.

Tremend, TypingDNA release AI-enabled typing biometrics app for online exam proctoring

Romanian tech companies Tremend and TypingDNA have partnered to introduce observED, a biometric data app for online exam proctoring, the companies announced.

Leveraging TypingDNA’s AI-enabled typing biometrics for authentication, observED is a tool designed to help examination centers, assessment providers, and universities supervise students during remote exams to prevent cheating.

“We’ve already seen an acceleration of digitization in medicine, commerce, and of course education, due to the challenges in the past period of time and rethinking of business processes. We’re always paying attention to the market trends and we’re using innovative technologies to develop products that bring value to the market,” said Alexandru Paraschiv, director of the Innovation Department at Tremend, in the announcement. “We’ve developed observED leveraging TypingDNA’s typing biometrics technology in order to help the universities and educational facilities adopt modern technologies that would enable them to extend their educational footprint and offer more opportunities to students worldwide.”

“Tremend’s observeED will propel the use of typing biometrics authentication in the education industry, as an alternative to face to face proctoring which, in today’s challenging times, is no longer feasible,” said TypingDNA Chief Revenue Officer Tudor Goicea in a prepared statement. “We hope that more online learning providers will facilitate the continuity of education for students of all backgrounds by leveraging the wide-accessibility of typing biometrics authentication which works with just a keyboard and minimal bandwidth internet connection.”

To replace supervisors, the observED app is embedded in the Moodle plugin, an open-source learning management system, and uses advanced technology to validate identity.

The digital tool was designed to assist colleges, universities, eLearning platforms, examination centers, assessment providers, and other service providers in the examination process by analyzing unique typing patterns to establish a user-behavior biometric profile. The software will analyze browsing history to detect cheating attempts and will also take snapshots to prevent fraud by impersonation.

TypingDNA’s Authentication API for frictionless authentication can now also be used by Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C customers.

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