Dynamic device position key to usability of biometrics, HYPR and Mitre study finds

Biometric fingerprints are easier for diverse populations to use than PINs, but PINs are easier to use than eye and…


Facebook AI technology describes photos to blind users

Earlier this week, Facebook introduced a new feature for iOS users who are visually impaired that reads the contents of…


M-Enabling Summit

M-Enabling Summit June 13-14, 2016 Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, Washington, D.C. Please join us at The M-Enabling Summit, the…


M-Enabling Summit session to discuss security, privacy, biometrics and bio-recognition

The M-Enabling Summit will feature a session that discusses security, privacy, biometrics and bio-recognition as it relates to senior citizens…


M-Enabling Summit: A conversation with organizer Axel Leblois

Biometric authentication is a far-reaching technology, and the organizers of the M-enabling Summit are excited to see the accessible and assistive…

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