Bengaluru police to deploy facial recognition tool

March 25, 2015 - 

Police in Bengaluru, Karnataka will soon use automated facial recognition software to determine whether a suspected person is a wanted criminal, according to a report by The New Indian Express.

Using a facial recognition application, photographs, sketches and images from CCTV footages will be matched against a police criminal database.

The technology will ensure that there is more seamless coordination between police stations, and ultimately allow officers to search through the images of criminals on the database to identify a suspect.

The image of the person’s face is placed into a grid, which identifies 13 points of uniqueness to match the images.

In the event that a wanted suspect in the database talks in front of any of the CCTV cameras connected to the control room, the system immediately alerts the nearest police station.

The facial recognition software, provided by Techpod Technologies and US software firm FaceFirst, will be initially deployed in the South East police station.

The pilot, which will be conducted over a month and a half, will see the installation of six CCTV cameras in the South East jurisdiction. Police will also set up a control room at the South East Division DCP’s officer where they will perform facial match searches.

If successful, the facial recognition system will be expanded to all police stations across the city.

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