BioCatch awarded two new patents for behavioral biometric authentication

July 7, 2015 - 

BioCatch has been granted two new patents relating to behavioral biometrics, including one for its “Invisible Challenge” hidden tests and another covering biometric authentication for mobile devices.

The first patent, entitled “Method and Device for Confirming Computer End-User Identity,” covers the company’s “Invisible Challenges” hidden tests.

The challenges evaluate the personal response to various on-screen cues. By processing all of these factors, BioCatch identifies a unique cognitive signature that cannot be spoofed, lost or stolen.

The second patent is entitled “System, device, and method of detecting identity of a user of a mobile electronic device.”

The company was granted a patent of the same title back in February, but that patent was strictly intended for mobile devices, allowing for the use of touch and the smartphone’s accelerometer to authenticate mobile device users.

The new patent extends these security capabilities to the cloud, enabling app developers to integrate BioCatch’s technology within their app.

The biometric authentication technology is based on various physiological factors including palm size, press-size, hand tremor and eye-hand coordination, as well as behavioral traits, such as usage preferences and device interaction patterns.

“The granting of these important patents underscore BioCatch’s commitment to providing our customers with an unmatched technology platform to help them best combat fraud,” said Avi Turgeman, CTO and founder of BioCatch. “Continuing to grow our IP portfolio in order to offer new methods of fighting cyber attacks is crucial to our business and the granting of the patents is a recognition of our achievements.”

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