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Aussies Approve Of Biometric Security Measures In Airports


The overwhelming support given by Australians in the proposed use of biometric facial recognition for customs and immigration will soon allow key airport personnel to quickly identify persons of interest at airport check-ins.

Results from the poll given by Unisys Security Index showed an approval rating of 95% support for the system. 9 out of 10 Aussies also favored the use of biometric facial recognition in law enforcement while the rest of the polls showed mixed reaction when it comes to employing the same technology in the work place. However, 38% expressed their apprehension with the use of facial recognition technology in social networking sites, particularly the automatic tagging of friends in a photo.

The presence of facial recognition technology in busy airports, specifically check-in counters and baggage areas, allows for security personnel to quickly identify individuals who are suspected to be on the watch list but still maintain the smooth flow of human traffic. Setting up the system in key points along the airport will prevent passenger congestion and free security personnel from being locked in a room full of monitors.

The physical presence of security personnel will help with airport management. The new technology will enable them to roam around freely while still be able to keep watch via a mobile device. Also, these same people can be quickly alerted the very moment a person of interest steps within the confines of the airport.

BiometricUpdate.com recently published an article about how biometric security is being used in airports around the world. ()

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