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IDair Launches New Touch-less Fingerprint Scanner


Fingerprinting continues to dominate the biometric markets in most sectors, especially law enforcement, national security and businesses. However, the use of fingerprints is not beyond reproach as it is susceptible to external conditions such as dirt and grime.

To solve this problem, a new startup, IDair, LLC has come out with a new biometric recognition system that can identify the person from a distance.

With a simple wave of a hand, IDair’s new ONEprint identification solution is able to capture a fingerprint photographically from as far as 6 meters. It is the first touch-less fingerprint sensor that makes identification and verification easy and hassle-free.

IDair CEO Joel Burcham, a Clemson-educated physicist, talked about the product at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, where he also holds office. As reported by Phys.Org and Al.com, IDair is a spin-off of Advanced Optical Systems which focuses on government customers.

Here’s how it works: A scanner device is placed on a door. The person sends prints to the system, which takes a snapshot when triggered and uses pattern recognition, edge detection and sharpening to scan the fingerprint. This is then compared to the database. The system is described as being similar to the way satellites process ground images.

“There is a little bit of pattern recognition but a lot of it is different ways of sharpening the image,” said Burcham. “A lot of edge detection (and) things like that.” he continues.

For now, IDair caters to the military with the view of making it available for commercial use later. In fact, it is being tested by a fitness center chain to solve key sharing issues.

Enhancements are also being made to meet the standard for commercial use which is the use of four fingers. The basic IDair, which costs under $2,000, only uses one finger.

Burcham also said the company will seek a second round of financing soon, and investor interest is welcome.

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