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Intel’s Facial Recognition Freaks Out Potential Customers


Revolutionizing how advertisers capture their target audience, Intel is developing facial recognition software for television.

The set top box is said to distinguish the viewers sitting in front of the television and then translates it as data to determine which kinds of commercials to air. Intel hopes to sell the idea to advertisers as they try to develop a virtual cable television service.

A lot of issues are already arising since the project made news over the weekend. One of these core concerns is the issue of privacy as facial recognition software is embedded into the set box. Another foreseen issue is that Intel will be challenged in striking deals with various cable service providers, cable operators and satellite television providers.

Initially concentrating its efforts on advertising, Intel also plans to harness even the kinds of shows being aired in the future. The set top box bundled with a subscription service will make the group venture into a whole new income generating territory. By dominating a new market, Intel stands a very good chance of invading more living room devices with its chips.

The new technology from Intel also aims to prove or disprove the previously uncontested Nielsen ratings. The group has been one of the premier sources of TV ratings, however, its methods have not changed throughout the years. Some network programmers argue that gathering data from 50,000 homes is not an accurate reading of the whole population in this digital age.

Intel claims that their set top box and the new interactive features therein can put more weight on advertising value while offsetting reduced revenue intended for licensing fees for network owners at the same time.

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