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BIO-key boasts accelerated biometric index searches

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BIO-key International has announced that it can now provide large-scale fingerprint matching speeds that it says are faster than previous matching algorithms, and is at the same time, more accurate and cheaper to deploy.

“Using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products, BIO-key is expanding the way a biometric search can be performed which dramatically improves speed over conventional approaches,” Renat Zhdanov, PhD, Vice President, Chief Scientist, BIO-key International said. “This revolution comes from the use of a highly parallel search architecture, allowing our solutions to perform faster and look deeper while improving speed and accuracy.”

According to the company, initial tests of the new accelerated architecture show speed results of several million matches per second on a typical PC.

“Stakeholders must consider many factors when deploying large-scale fingerprint identification systems. The system must be secure, extremely accurate, fast and reasonably priced to deploy and support. This is especially true in the emerging Cloud-based enterprise and consumer Mobile Authentication markets,” Michael DePasquale, BIO-key CEO said.

“BIO-key’s COTS-based, interoperable platforms already provide high accuracy rates, at high speeds, per unit of capital investment. Yet, with this new acceleration technology, BIO-key has taken ‘matches per second per dollar’ to an entirely new level, expanding the possibilities for the entire Industry.”

Reported previously, the BIO-key recently raised another US$1.05 million in equity capital from an existing and new accredited investor in a private direct placement.

The company has also announced that its technology will be used to facilitate a SIM card sales verification system in Nigeria. 

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