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Vapor Corp shows off biometric e-cigarette at CES


E-cigarette users may never have to worry about people bumming ‘smokes’ every again. Vapor Corp has announced its new Vapor X e-cigarette vaporizer unit with fingerprint lock technology.

The company is set up at CES 2014 with a working prototype for demonstrations.

“The next trend in alternative smoking devices is the personalized vaporizer that incorporates the technology that we expect from our high-end tech devices. Today we are debuting the newest technology in this space,” Kevin Frija, CEO of Vapor Corp said. “By incorporating this biometric user identity technology into the Vapor X personal vaporizer, the door is opened to many customizable features.  The fingerprint lock security allows customers to protect their device from use by another individual and this same technology will lead to the development of additional features and controls.”

“Much like the fitness mobile app technology we have seen gain recent popularity, vaporizer users will soon be able to download their ‘vaping’ statistics through a corresponding mobile application in order to track exactly how often they use the device.”

The idea behind the fingerprint sensor on this e-cigarette, though slightly unorthodox, is that it will keep the device locked and turned off unless the authorized user is present.  The company says this deters theft and keeps kids away from e-cigarettes.

Vapor Corp expects the Vapor X to be available in the second half of 2014 to consumers, with an MSRP between $200-300.

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