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Uniphore develops voice biometric solution for farmers


Indian software firm Uniphore has developed a customized voice solution that combines speech recognition and voice biometrics to provide a more inclusive information service for rural markets.

The solution can ultimately overcome the challenges of sourcing news about crops, market prices and other important information regarding farming.

Compatible with any mobile phone, AgriConnect converts the person’s speech into text messages. The system is currently offered in over 14 Indian languages, which amounts to 100 different dialects in native languages.

The software uses voice recognition technology to capture the unique characteristics of a person’s voice to verify their identity.

AgriConnect is particularly useful for farmers in providing information and handling queries such as crop orders and market prices.

The solution can make an automated voice call to provide a farmer with customized information, such as the weather forecast that they would otherwise have to travel and source a newspaper for. And on the opposite end, the farmer can call to get detailed information from the system or record a query in his or her own language.

So far, the software is being used by various companies in India, including ITC, who is using AgriConnect to provide scheduling and automatic speech recognition technology services for tobacco farmers in Mysore region, Karnataka.

Uniphore has a demonstrative video about AgriConnect on YouTube.

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