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SpeechPro launches VoiceKey.WebAccess authentication process


SpeechPro has launched VoiceKey.WebAccess, its new authentication process that enables users to access a web application by speaking a short passphrase and by capturing a photo of the user’s face.

SpeechPro’s VoiceKey.WebAccess enables users to gain access to corporate networks or online accounts, while ensuring that clients no longer need to remember passwords.

Based on a standards-based architecture, VoiceKey.WebAccess can be integrated into nearly any web application using web services via application programming interfaces, and can be used with practically any device that has a microphone and camera.

“The addition of VoiceKey.WebAccess offers enterprises a comprehensive access suite for clients who no longer have to remember passwords,” said Alexey Khitrov, president of SpeechPro USA. “Whether you use your computer for banking, shopping, health-care access or a corporate network, you have to deal with multiple usernames and passwords. VoiceKey.WebAccess from SpeechPro solves the password problem once and for all by getting rid of them. VoiceKey.WebAccess identifies you the same way your friends do—with your face and voice.”

VoiceKey.WebAccess uses a three-part biometric accuracy process that combines speaker authentication, facial recognition and a “liveness” test, which verifies that there is an actual human in front of the device as opposed to a photo or an audio recording.

By using a combination of more than 70 voice features and more than 40 facial features, the technology is able to accurately enroll and verify a person’s identity within seconds.

SpeechPro recently posted a new video that demonstrates how to enroll, authenticate and access online accounts.


Reported previously, SpeechPro participated in the 2014 Speaker Recognition i-vector Machine Learning Challenge, which tested the performance of algorithms frequently used for voice biometrics.

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