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BiometricUpdate.com featured on Financial Sense Newshour

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BiometricUpdate.com was recently the focus of a radio interview featured on the Financial Sense Newshour.

Rawlson King, a contributing editor and lead researcher at BiometricUpdate.com, talked to Cristofer Sheridan, Senior Editor at Financial Sense about the latest developments and trends in the biometric technology space.

The 40 minute discussion focused on recent comments made by Obama’s head cybersecurity adviser to “kill passwords” and use biometrics for greater security in financial transactions and elsewhere, as well as the differences and advantages between various biometric technologies.

During the interview, King noted that the global biometrics market will grow to US$15 billion by 2015 from its 2012 estimated value of US$7 billion.

He also stated that new market research from BiometricUpdate.com predicts that the inclusion of biometrics in mobile devices will generate about US$9 billion worth of revenue by 2018.

King will join a long list of well-respected investors and analysts who are regularly interviewed at Financial Sense, including: David Rosenberg, Gary Shilling, James Grant, Kyle Bass, Steve Forbes and many others. Financial Sense Newshour is currently providing a free holiday trial.

Earlier this year, BiometricUpdate.com was also featured on BlogTalkRadio, where King talked to Ravi Das about the site’s growing success. King noted during the interview with Das that the site’s focus on market research is the main factor that differentiates the news outlet from any of its competitors.

Each business day, BiometricUpdate.com publishes original articles, interviews, and sometimes videos and podcasts that focus on global developments concerning emerging biometric technologies.

The site has been recognized as one of the leading online news properties that publishes breaking news, analysis, and research about the US$12 billion global biometric market. Last year, over 300,000 visitors accessed the site.  The site also received 500,000 page views. This year, the site received over 600,000 visitors and over a million page views.

In addition to articles, BiometricUpdate.com publishes monthly special reports that provide analysis and competitive industry intelligence for the global biometrics industry including market size, multiple industry segments, venture capital and other business opportunities, along with in-depth profiles on the best emerging companies and solutions.

During that interview, King provided input on the site’s special report on mobile biometric authentication.

BiometricUpdate.com, along with its special reports, are published by Biometrics Research Group, Inc., a leading market research supplier and consultancy to the global biometric industry, based in Toronto, Canada.

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